Goodies according to the composer: We bake Janáček’s pancake cake

Hailing from Slovácko, he had trained as a confectioner, but after the war he had been driving a truck for 12 years. Vít Martinák (39) finally decided to return to his original profession and in 2013 opened a confectionery in the center of Brno.

Quality raw materials

“I wanted to do really good things, to have a confectionery, to make, not just to sell desserts in a confectionery,” he explains, noting that he doesn’t cheat ingredients. He puts butter and Belgian chocolate in cakes, and egg liqueur in wreaths.

It’s a flattery

Martinák was inspired, among other things, by a book from 1934, published by Prague confectioners. He is proud, for example, of Sachr’s cake, which he makes according to a recipe from southern Austria. Currently, he also reached for recipes written by Janáček’s long-time housewife Marie Stejskalová. “We chose his favorite pancake cake. The feedback is great, it’s just a favor. The master had good taste, “smiles the confectioner.

Butter strudel with cottage cheese and cake

Tastings of the composer’s favorite sweets include his love rosehips, donuts, butter strudel with cottage cheese, cupcake and pancake cake. Exactly according to the recipes written by his housekeeper. “People walk, buy and do not spare praise. Leoš Janáček knew how to sweeten his life, “Radka Nekulová smiled in the confectionery Mlsná holka.

Darts goes on sale

At Café Placzek they offer rose hips. “It simply came to our notice then. Yesterday, the gentleman came and took the whole package straight away, “said the co-owner of the café, Jiřina Plačková. It was this candy that the host Janáček most often presented to the visitors. “He recommended them to all our guests and wrote the recipe to them himself,” said the housekeeper Stejskalová.

He did not dozen, he did not weld

Leoš Jánáček was a great sweetie and gourmet. At least according to the notes of Marie Stejskalová, who has been a housewife in the family for over 40 years. “Our lord suffered for good food. He did not dozen, did not snack, but he ate and enjoyed a lot at noon and in the evening. He was able to praise the kitchen and find fault with it, “she recalled. In the Leoš Janáček Archive of the Moravian Museum, her workbook of culinary recipes has been preserved, mostly for various desserts and sweet dishes. Attentive Mára, as the Janáčeks called her, wrote notes among the recipes relating to the life and work of the landlord, which she called the Chronicle of Our Life.

Do you know that …

… the tasting of the Master’s desserts will last until October 16, as it copies the ongoing Janáček Brno music festival.

Spinach no, venison yes

According to the memories of Marie Stejskalová, the composer fidgeted over spinach, on the contrary, he liked the game. He generally liked meat and did not fast on Friday’s fast. He claimed to have fasted enough in the foundation, at a time when he lived and sang on the choir in an Augustinian monastery as a boy. Breakfast was served at Janáček’s at six, in addition to coffee, there were also homemade cakes.

Rosehip confectionery

17 dkg of sugar, 7 dkg of steamed grated almonds, a little lemon peel and a spoonful of jam. Everything is processed together, a roller is made, then the war is adjusted to the same, elongated, about a finger thick pancake, half of white and sugar is made ice and topped nicely at the top, then the pieces are cut with a knife. They are immediately taken with a knife, shaped and placed on a baking sheet. Then let it dry on the hills. More recipes at


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