Porziņģis: I look forward to returning

Kristaps Porziņģis | Photo: Dallas “Mavericks”

National Basketball Associations (NBA) player of the Dallas Mavericks club Kristaps Porziņģis After the operation, he shared an entry on his Instagram profile.

“Thank you all for your good wishes. The operation was successful and I look forward to returning from now on. Long-term vision, ”writes Porziņģis in his publication.

It has already been reported that a Latvian needed meniscus surgery of the right knee. He was injured in the first play-off against the Los Angeles Clippers. This injury prevented Porziņģis from continuing the series, with the attacker participating in a total of three of the six games.

In 2018, Porziņģis broke the cross ties of the left knee, but this season in the play-off matches he started having problems with the meniscus of the right knee. These injuries are not interconnected.

Porziņģis made his debut in the NBA playoffs this year, where he represented the Mavericks in the first round in an intense battle with 2-4 and acknowledged the superiority of the Clippers. He has an active maximum contract until 2024, but if a Latvian wishes, he will be able to activate the player’s option and “test the waters” in the free agent market already in 2023.

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