Good news for customers. Kaufland and Lidl accept more types of meal vouchers

From 9 November, customers can also use the Up Česká republika and Benefit plus meal vouchers in all Kaufland stores. Until now, the retail chain only accepted meal vouchers, our meal voucher and Ticket Restaurant.

“We are expanding the possibility of paying for our customers who use meal vouchers or meal voucher cards. The limit for one purchase with paper meal vouchers is 10 vouchers or the value of 1600 crowns, electronic meal vouchers are without limit,” said Kaufland spokeswoman Renata Maierl.

Lidl, which, like Kaufland, belongs to the Schwarz Gruppe, has also established cooperation with Up Česká republika and Benefit Plus. “Estravenky Benefit Plus is purchased by employees of more than 250 companies in the Czech Republic,” said Lidla spokesman Tomáš Myler.

“The Up paper meal vouchers together with the eStravenka electronic card are then used by 310,000 people, to whom we bring a new opportunity to buy quality food in more than 260 Lidl stores in the Czech Republic,” explained Myler.

Let’s meet the demand of users who have not yet been able to use their meal vouchers in our stores. Lb?

Zveejnil (a) Lidl esk republika on Sunday, November 8, 2020

Until the end of September, Lidl only accepted our meal vouchers; in October, it also began accepting vouchers from Sodexo. Thanks to the expansion with Up Czech Republic and Benefit Plus, customers with the Up eStravenka electronic card, the Up Check Déjeuner paper meal vouchers and the Benefit Plus electronic meal vouchers can also pay for their purchases in Kaufland and Lidl.

Of course, it is still true that they can only pay for food, alcohol or non-food goods. “Cash is not returned to paper meal vouchers, the customer has the option of leaving any overpayments in the form of a gift to the non-profit organization Chance for Children, which Kaufland has long supported,” Kaufland emphasizes.


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