“Ghost boat” with human remains gives the shore in Japan island

Ffive bodies and two human heads were found in the wreckage of a boat that landed on Sado Island in Japan on Friday, reports to BBC.

The heavily damaged boat had Korean signs painted on one side. Police could not confirm whether the heads belonged to the remains found, underlining local means that they were “partially skeleton”.

Authorities believe the vessel has been drifting with the bodies for a long time.

“Ghost boats” have become common on the Japanese coasts, suspected to all come from North Korea for a number of reasons: exposure to the cold and hunger of fishermen during the Winter; fishermen risking sailing farther in search of fish, affect the country; deserters or spies fleeing Kim’s repressive regime Jong-un.

In 2017, for example, nearly 100 boats landed in Japan, some empty, some with bodies [a imagem acima, de um “barco fantasma”, foi captada em 2012, na ilha de Sado]. The tension between the two countries makes investigations on these vessels complicated.

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