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Games that took flight after their launch

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This week we asked our readers about games that bounced back after a troubled launch. What examples do gamers remember?

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● “Ridge Racer for PS Vita was a real blast. Although graphically it was much superior to the PSP ones, they were more pleasant to look at due to their smoothness.

Soon they put a patch on it and that changed like overnight. It didn’t reach 60 fps but the framerate was totally stable, and with that the game became a real spectacle.” – Javi.79

● “Cyberpunk 2077 is basically the cyberpunk game I always dreamed of playing.

Final Fantasy XV, I think the story and content increased a lot and in a good way. It has its flaws but it is one of my favorite final fantasy.

Street fighter V gets much better as time goes by.

Now… This is no excuse for games to come out half-made and broken.” – YakuzaAndroideDelFuturo

● “No Mans Sky I don’t know how it has done in sales, but in the technical and playable aspect it has evolved a lot since its launch. Still in 2023, 7 years after its launch, it continues to be updated and receives content. They have even given it support for PSVR2”. – SergioGalicia

● “The Witcher 3 on PS4, scary at the beginning xd.” – meow

● “No Man’s Sky and Cyberpunk 2077 seem to me to be the clearest examples. Of things that were quite difficult to digest despite all the hype they had behind them, to more than notable games.

Afterwards, there are a few shooters (in sagas like Call Of Duty or Battlefield) that have been redeemed over time.

It’s interesting how games that went terribly wrong on the market can now be saved. Before, something came out and little could be done to solve problems.” – AlexGamer07

● “I played the first version of Street Fighter V and it was poor but I know they improved to advance and exceed expectations.” – daninudo

We thank all the users reflected in this summary or not – who have participated this week with their opinions, and we encourage you to collaborate with the next topics.

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