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Galatasaray Coach Okan Buruk Press Conference Highlights: 3 Points, Icardi, Ndombele, Injuries, and Manchester United Match

Galatasaray Coach Okan Buruk said that they got both 3 points and morale by beating Corendon Alanyaspor in the 13th week of Trendyol Super League. Buruk made a statement at the press conference held after the match held at RAMS Park, which they won 4-0.

Stating that he was satisfied with the result of the match, Buruk said, “It was a very good result for us. We had a four-goal victory. We needed this. In the previous weeks, we were having problems with termination. We finished the match early today. We played the game we wanted from the beginning to the end of the match. The ball was usually in our court. We increased the passing traffic, reduced the ball losses, and after passing to the opponent, it was a match that we won in a short time. We found many goal positions and scored goals. At the end of the day, it was a valuable win for us. “Today we got both 3 points and morale.” he said.


Okan Buruk said that Argentine star Mauro Icardi loves Galatasaray and Galatasaray loves Icardi.

Speaking about the situation of Icardi, whose name was mentioned in the press in a transfer with Spain’s Real Madrid team, the coach of the yellow-reds continued his words as follows:

“Icardi trained with the team for the last 2 days. He played the previous matches without being able to train. We also saw this change on the field. This sacrifice is very important. He made this sacrifice for a long time. It shows how much he loves and values ​​his team. Icardi loves Galatasaray and Galatasaray loves him very much. Türkiye loves Icardi very much. He accomplished important things in turning a generation into Galatasaray fans. Icardi is very valuable for Galatasaray. He is very happy here. I do not want to evaluate news that we do not know whether it is true or not. “We are only in November anyway.”


Okan Buruk said that Tanguy Ndombele, who played 90 minutes for the first time this season, prepared well during the one-week national team break.

Stating that his team is ready physically and tactically, Buruk said:

“We are ready, but there are some who go to the national team, who are injured, who are missing matches, and who we cannot play. Sometimes we continued with the same staff. The team won 10 matches in a row in the league. We were in a good place in Europe. Even though we play a lot of matches, there may be players we give little time to. One of them was Ndombele. We gave very little time in the previous matches. However, he prepared well for the national team this week. So we gave him the jersey. There are also players we cannot give such jerseys to. Our aim is to win every match in a very intense fixture. We are trying to choose players who can do this. Our main shortcoming is that we give some players less playing time. We will make changes to the intense fixtures. All players will find time, but those who are not playing should also keep themselves ready. There may be unhappiness. This is so normal. All the football players playing show that they are good professionals. “We got a good performance from our players today too.”


Okan Buruk made a statement about the situations of Davinson Sanchez, who was injured in the Alanyaspor match, and Abdülkerim Bardakcı, who was not included in the squad due to pain.

Regarding the situation of Sanchez, who was injured in the 79th minute of the match and was replaced by Victor Nelsson, the experienced coach said, “We will evaluate the injuries. Davinson will have an MRI. He had pain in his back muscle. Hopefully it’s nothing serious and he can make it to the next match. We think Abdülkerim will catch up. Our expectations are higher. We could have forced him to play today, but we didn’t want to force him. I think he will be ready for the next match. “If they are not ready, Nelsson and Kaan are waiting.” He commented:


Galatasaray Coach Buruk said that Kerem Aktürkoğlu’s last shots were good and he believed that he would score goals soon.

Emphasizing that Kerem works hard, Buruk said, “Kerem is a football player with good shots. He scored clear goals last season. Sometimes, every player has difficult periods where he can’t hit the goal or doesn’t score a goal when he shoots. Kerem has good finishing skills. He works on this after every workout. It’s great that they want to score goals and think about it. Kerem is a player with very high self-confidence. That’s why if the balls don’t go in today, they will go in tomorrow. Tete experienced the same thing today. They will score goals somewhere. The important thing is that they continue working.” he said.


Buruk stated that referees’ permission to waste time during matches affects the performance of the teams.

On the question about the change in performances in the European Cup matches and the competitions in Turkey, Buruk said, “The beginning of the matches in the Turkish League is slow. Aut shots last approximately 1 minute. The fans react, the referees are confused about what to do. Especially against big teams, slowing down the game and having less time for the ball to remain in play is a disadvantage. “This pause also means times that are stolen from the tempo.” he said.

The coach of the yellow-red team argued that the referees did not show early yellow cards to waste time and said, “We also react to the referees to speed up the game. The problem with referees is that they cannot show early yellow cards. The biggest problem with wasting time is that an early yellow card cannot turn into a red card later. This is something that’s been happening for years. You can see this in every team. We need to create a culture to overcome this. Referees have a great burden in this regard. Lost time is added up but the game slows down. Everyone wants to see a show. When a team slows down, this show gets hampered. No matter how much is added, it does not have the same effect. “The referees may have to put a little more effort into this.” made his assessment.


Okan Buruk stated that the match against Manchester United in the UEFA Champions League on Wednesday, November 29 is very important.

Emphasizing that the Manchester United match will be different from other matches, the experienced coach said, “Manchester United will not retreat to its own half and wait. They will also try to play ahead and put pressure. Even if they don’t play as pressured as us, they will be ahead. The story of the Manchester United match will be a completely different match. We want to go into that match with the right 11. In the first match, we correctly evaluated the pros and cons of our opponent. “We will do our best to win here too.” he said.

Stating that their claims in the group continue, Buruk said, “Even if we win, draw, God forbid, even if we lose, everything comes down to the last match. We want to guarantee Europe by winning and gain an advantage for the next match. The strength of our opponent is obvious. Even though we beat them in the first match, they have an important squad. “They will make the same effort to win here as well.” He concluded his words by saying. (AA)

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