Frequent doubts about the Covid vaccine: can children get vaccinated?

The beginning of the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 in Spain has brought to light the doubts of millions of Spaniards who still do not know whether to get the vaccine to protect themselves against the virus or on the contrary not to do it and that they go from how the vaccination process develops to whether children can do it.

How is the vaccine administered? It is given as two injectable doses in the upper arm, between which it takes at least 21 days to administer the second. The immunity is acquired one week later after having placed the second dose, that is, 28 days after having administered the first.

In this sense, immunity it will last “at least a period of time equal to the natural infection, that is, eight, ten or twelve months“, has indicated an expert.

Another of the most frequent doubts refers to the side effects that the vaccine might cause. These are mild in nature, such as discomfort at the site of the puncture, fatigue, headache and, to a lesser extent, muscle pain, chills and fever.

On the other hand, all those who are interested in getting vaccinated against coronavirus noThey have to follow no specific procedure, but wait for their health center to contact them to access both doses.

It has also spread among the population the question ofif we should vaccinate our children. The answer is no, since at the moment the health authorities only recommend the vaccine for people over 16 years of age. Instead, it is advisable get vaccinated even if it has already passed the disease, because it is still unknown exactly how long the acquired immunity will last.

Regarding the moment in which the group immunity, it cannot be predicted exactly, however, experts hope that there will be a sufficiently large group after the summer to considerably mitigate the infections.

Finally, regarding the mandatory vaccination, The answer is negative. It is not mandatory to get vaccinated, but the opening of a registry is contemplated to find out the reasons for the rejection of vaccination.



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