France with more measures: 3 days a week work from home, with a negative test can not in a restaurant – need a vaccine

PHOTO: pixabay

France is reducing the booster dose from four to three months. This is done in response to the rapid spread of Omicron variant of the coronavirus, said today the French Prime Minister Jean Castex, quoted by Reuters and BTA.

There will be no evening time on New Year’s Eve. However, all public events will be limited to 2,000 if they are indoors and to 5,000 if they are outdoors.

In addition, the government has approved a bill on a “vaccination passport” that requires proof of vaccination, as opposed to health passports currently required in restaurants and many public places, which allow the use of negative tests. If passed by parliament, the law will take effect on January 15th.

It is forbidden to consume food and beverages in long-distance vehicles. Working from home will become mandatory at least three days a week, when possible, added Castex. In addition, masks will be worn outdoors in city centers, and food and beverages in bars and restaurants will have to be consumed only by seated customers.

“I know it all looks like a film that has no end, but a year ago we started our vaccination campaign, and now we are one of the most vaccinated and best protected nations in the world,” he said.

91 percent of French people have received at least one dose of the vaccine. More than 51.6 million of France’s 67 million people have been fully vaccinated and 22 million have received booster doses.

Unlike other countries, schools in France are scheduled to open on January 3rd as the country struggles with the fifth wave of the pandemic, the prime minister said.


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