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Four Hills Tournament in the live ticker: shock! Geiger experiences debacle

Innsbruck. From December 28th to January 6th Four Hills Tournament once again, ski jumping fans from all over the world are under their spell.

Last year Ryoyu Kobayashi was with the previous one Four Hills Tournament the measure of all things. The Japanese won all four competitions and secured the tour victory in front of the German duo Markus Eisenbichler and Stephan Leye.

Four Hills Tournament in the live ticker

Who is going to win this year at the Four Hills Tournament to back up? And how will the DSV eagles do?

All information about Four Hills Tournament in the live ticker!

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Scoring 1st round

1. M. Lindvik (NOR)
139.5 points

2. D. Kubacki (POL)
138.2 points

3. J. Forfang (NOR)
129.2 points


7. S. Leye (GER)
126.5 points

13. R. Kobayashi (JAP)
122.2 points

23. K. Geiger (GER)
111.1 points


Scoring after 2nd round

1. D. Tande (NOR)
249.3 points

2. K. Geiger (GER)
236.5 points

3. A. Lanisek (SLO)
233.8 points


6. R. Kobayashi (JAP)
229.8 points


3.32 p.m .: Ryoyu Kobayashi also fails! The Japanese only comes to 120 meters. He is currently only fifth and loses points on Geiger. Small consolation plaster for the German!

3.20 p.m .: Karl Geiger’s second jump is a little better. The 126 meters do not change the fact that he is experiencing a major debacle today. Geiger can now bury his hopes for the tour victory. Bitter!

3.13 p.m .: The second round begins with Markus Eisenbichler. Its 116.5 meters are hardly better than its disappointing 1st round.

2:57 p.m .: What a debacle for violinists! The German loses a lot of points against Lindvik, Kubacki and Kobayashi.

2.49 p.m .: Karl Geiger with an extremely disappointing jump! 117.5 meters is not even enough for a placement in the top 20.

2.45 p.m .: Ryoyu Kobayashi with a blunder. The Japanese has no great wind conditions and only comes to 122 meters.

2.41 p.m .: Mega jump from Kubacki! With 133 meters, the Pole is screwing into first place for the time being – also thanks to the excellent wind conditions. Strong statement in the fight for overall victory!

2.35 p.m .: A nice sentence by Stephan Leye! The DSV-Adler reaches 125 meters and is best German for the time being. 5th place for Leye!

2:29 p.m .: Markus Eisenbichler can only shake his head. The 114.5 meters of the world champion are enough in a duel with Maciej Kot (112 meters). But the weak result sets the Germans far behind in the overall ranking.

2:26 p.m .: Constantin Schmid is the next DSV eagle. The German climbs to 118 meters – just like his opponent Stefan Huber (Austria). However, Schmid prevails because of slightly better grades.

14.18 p.m .: In the duel between two former tour winners, Gregor Schlierenzauer (127.5 meters) stays ahead of Kamil Stoch (128.5 meters).

2:08 p.m .: Johann Andre Forfang sets a first fragrance brand. In these conditions, 131 meters is a strong result. The Norwegian is initially at the top.

2:01 p.m .: Here we go! And immediately a DSV eagle is allowed off the hill. Pius Paschke (120.5 meters) jumps further than the Finn Antti Aalto (119 meters). But Aalto gets better grades and wins the duel. Now Paschke has to hope that he gets into the second round via the Lucky Loser classification.

13.58 p.m .: It starts in a few moments. What role will the wind play again today? So far it was anything but windless in Innsbruck.

1:44 p.m .: The top 5 overall:

1.R. Kobayashi (JAP) 587.2 points

2. K. Geiger (GER) 580.9

3. D. Kubacki (POL) 578.7

4. M. Lindvik (NOR) 568.3

5. S. Kraft (AUT) 553.6

1.30 p.m .: It finally starts in half an hour. Then the third competition of the four hills tour in Innsbruck begins at the legendary Bergisel. Can Geiger make an exclamation mark again? We’ll know more in a moment.

1:16 p.m .: At yesterday’s qualification, Karl Geiger once again made a good impression. The German landed in 3rd place – two places ahead of his biggest competitor Ryoyu Kobayashi.

Saturday, January 4th, 1 p.m .: Hello and welcome to our live ticker for the 3rd jump of the four hills tour! Here we provide you with all the information about jumping in Innsbruck as usual.


Final result after 71/71 jumpers (qualified up to 50th place):

1.Marius Lindvik (NOR) – 138.9 points
2.Stefan Kraft (AUT) – 136.8
3. Karl Geiger (GER) –134.9
3. Philipp Aschenwald (AUT) –134.9
5. Ryoyo Kobayashi (JPN) – 134.0
6. Dawid Kubacki (POL) – 133.9

10. Stephan Leyhe (GER) – 128.2
12.Markus Eisenbichler (GER) – 126.7
15.Constantin Schmid (GER) – 124.5
25.Pius Paschke (GER) – 117.8
48. Moritz Baer (GER) – 102.5


Innsbruck: KO duels with German participation:

Antti Aalto (FIN) – Pius Paschke (GER)
Stefan Huber (AUT) – Constantin Schmid (GER)
Maciej Kot (POL) – Markus Eisenbichler (GER)
Clemens Leitner (AUT) – Stephan Leyhe (GER)
Moritz Baer (GER) – Karl Geiger (GER)


3.14 p.m .: The last jumper is defending champion Ryoyo Kobayashi – and again the Japanese shows weaknesses. No question: 130 meters are not a catastrophe and are enough for 5th place – but it shows once again that the 23-year-old can be beaten. After jumping in Garmisch, Karl Geiger also wins the favorites duel in the Innsbruck Quali. The best conditions for a mega-exciting jumping tomorrow.

3:11 p.m .: Good jump, good flight, shaky landing. 131.5 meters are “only” enough for 3rd place. In the qualification, an average jump that Geiger conditions can handle.

3:09 p.m .: Aschenwald takes second place with 131 meters, his compatriot Stefan Kraft passes with 132.5 meters. Now comes Karl Geiger.

3:07 p.m .: Garmisch winner Marius Lindvik has landed – at a staggering 131.5 meters. This is rank 1 with a big lead. Four jumpers – including the top favorites Geiger and Kobayyashi.

03.03 p.m .: Co-favorite Dawid Kobacki takes the lead. Like every one of his jumps, no matter which hill, whether training, qualification or competition, is super-serious. 127 meters, a whopping 3.4 points ahead of the previous leader Timi Zajc.

2:59 p.m .: “It was halfway ok”, Markus Eisenbichler evaluates his jump. “It gets even better. I have to hold the skis together a bit more, but I’m on the right track. ”

2.48 p.m .: A German pack of three follows. Stefan Leyhe makes the start, for his 127 meters (3rd place) he receives an approving nod from the national coach. Constantin Schmid follows, takes another good jump and also qualifies with 126 meters (6th place). Third is Pius Paschke, who with a width of 122 meters (13th place) jumps significantly shorter than his predecessors, but can still jump tomorrow.

2.44 p.m .: Now Markus Eisenbichler on his world championship hill. After jumping off too late in training he now perfectly catches the end of the hill. At 128 meters, he sets the new best distance, a few deductions due to the wind conditions cost him the lead – he is second behind Junshiro Kobayashi and thus easily qualified.

2:33 p.m .: Bad luck for Baer that just before his jump the good wind conditions deteriorated. 114.0 meters are by no means a fabulous result, but are enough for a safe qualification for tomorrow’s jumping.

2:31 p.m .: Taku Takeuchi takes the lead with 124.5 meters and jumps half a meter further than American Kevin Bickner. Now Moritz Baer is the first DSV eagle.

2:25 p.m .: 28 jumpers landed fall-free, so the first qualifications are also certain. The Austrians Aigner, Huber, Schiffner and Leitner will be there tomorrow, as well as Prevc (SLO), Ringen (NOR) and Peter (SUI) as well as the current leader, the Finn Antti Aalto.

2:14 p.m .: The start-up has been shortened somewhat compared to training. After the first 17 jumpers, the Austrian Clemens Aigner (120.0 meters) leads the Slovenian Cene Prevc (117.0) and Stefan Huber (119.0, but worse posture marks). No German jumper has yet started.

2.00 p.m .: Here we go! 72 jumpers are now jumping down the hill hoping for the best possible position for tomorrow’s jumping. Stefan Rainer from Austria sets the first brand, jumping a moderate 107.5 meters.

1:50 p.m .: The Bergisel ski jump has been something of a lucky jump for the DSV eagles since last year. Here Markus Eisenbichler became world champion ahead of Karl Geiger last season, and there was gold for the Germans in all three team competitions (men, women and mixed). It can go on like this today.

1.30 p.m .: The qualification for Bergisel jumping in Innsbruck starts in half an hour. On the 130 meter high hill, around 92 km / h speed is reached during the jump – the K point is 120 meters. 22,500 fans are waiting for the athletes at the outlet. In Innsbruck 10 degrees plus (!) Are currently measured – one can almost speak of a heat jump.

12.01 p.m .: Breakdowns caused a lot of trouble at the latest jumping in Garmisch-Patenkirchen. Norway coach Alexander Stöckl even spoke of a “scandal”. What happened and what the Organizing Committee of the Four Hills Tournament even apologized for, you can read here >>

Friday, January 3rd, 7.49 a.m .: It continues today. The qualification for the third competition in Innsbruck is coming up and at the top of the tableau a tough title three-way battle has developed between Ryoyo Kobayashi, Karl Geiger and Dawid Kubacki. All three are just 8.5 meters apart. Therefore, no one can now afford a dropout – not even in the qualification.


15.55 p.m .: Now Lindvik! Can the Norwegian repeat his crazy jump from the first round? This time he flies “only” 136 meters. But that’s enough for the day’s victory. Geiger can still feel like a winner. He makes up a few points on his biggest competitor Kobayashi.

15:51: Kobayashi jumps 141 meters. Great flight of the Japanese! Then it’s Geiger’s turn. The DSV eagle tops Kobayashi’s result by half a meter. What a tough competition from Geiger!

3.47 p.m .: Constantin Schmid jumps 134.5 meters. Great job!

3.42 p.m .: Johann Andre Forfang jumps past Eisenbichler to 1st place with 135 meters.

3.38 p.m .: Markus Eisenbichler flies to first place with a jump of 134.5 meters.

3.30 p.m .: Pius Paschke climbs to 132 meters in unfavorable conditions. Good jump of the DSV eagle!

3.19 p.m .: Jan Hörl begins the second round. With his 130 meters, he won’t jump for the day’s victory today.

2:58 p.m .: German duel at the end of the first round. Moritz Bär jumps 115 meters. And despite adverse conditions, Karl Geiger climbs to 132 meters. It is the same width as in Kobayashi. But the German had worse wind values. Therefore, he has one point more than the Japanese.

2:54 p.m .: Ryoyu Kobayashu only comes to 132 meters. That is too little for his circumstances.

2.48 p.m .: Markus Eisenbichler jumps 129 meters. His opponent Sondre Ringen from Norway is just 119.5 meters.

2:32 p.m .: Stephan Leyhe (131 meters) prevails over Viktor Polasek (114 meters).

2:28 p.m .: Constantin Schmid is DSV eagle number 5 today. Its 134.5 meters are easily enough to assert themselves in a direct duel with the Norwegian Robin Pedersen (121.5 meters).

2:26 p.m .: The next DSV eagle is allowed to fly. Luca Roth comes to 123.5 meters.

2:21 pm: What a mega jump by Marius Lindvik! 143.5 meters! Hill record set! It goes without saying that the Norwegian takes the lead.

2:19 p.m .: Martin Hamann is the third German jumper. He flies 128 meters. His opponent Michael Hayboeck from Austria is a little better. The Austrian brings it to 128.5 meters.

14.17 p.m .: Daniel Huber jumps to the top with 136.5 meters. Great jump from the Austrian!

2:08 p.m .: Philipp Raimund is the next German. At 19, he is the youngest jumper today. Raimund comes to 125 meters. His opponent Jan Hoerl from Austria comes to 127 meters.

2:01 p.m .: Pius Paschke is the first jumper off the hill. 130.5 meters are a good start for the German competition. But it is not enough to beat his strong opponent Roman Koudelka. The Czech comes to 135 meters.

1:47 p.m .: Best weather conditions in Garmisch-Partenkirchen! The sun is shining. This also pleases the many spectators, who are already creating a good mood. So everything would be set up for a gripping New Year’s jump.

1.30 p.m .: Half an hour. Then the first jumper leaves the hill. Can Karl Geiger cheer in competition after yesterday’s qualifying victory? We’ll know more in a moment.

1.00 p.m .: In an hour it will finally start in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. In yesterday’s qualification, Karl Geiger was able to confirm his strong form. The German won ahead of the Austrian Philipp Aschenwald and the Japanese Ryoyu Kobayashi.

Wednesday, January 1, 12:00 p.m .: Happy New Year and welcome to our live ticker for New Year’s jumping in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Here we provide you with all information about the second jumping of the four hills tour.


Bottom line from jumping in Oberstdorf:


Ryoyu Kobayashi



Karl Geiger



Dawid Kubacki



Stefan Kraft



Piotr Zyla



Philipp Aschenwald



Yukiya Sato



Robert Johansson



Domen Prevc



Marius Lindvik



Markus Eisenbichler



Pius Paschke



Stephan Leyhe



Michael Hayböck



Johann André Forfang



Simon Ammann



Anze Lanisek



Daiki Ito



Kamil Stoch



Constantin Schmid



Peter Prevc



Yevgeny Klimov



Junshiro Kobayashi



Timi Zajc



Jan Hörl



Roman Koudelka



Luca Roth



Maciej droppings



Moritz Bär



Stefan Hula



Tuesday, December 31, 5 p.m .: Tomorrow is the New Year’s jumping in Garmisch-Patenkirchen. There was a little surprise in qualifying. Ryoyo Kobayashi showed slight weaknesses, only finished in third place. The German Karl Geiger did not miss this chance and secured the qualification victory with 139 meters. The duels with German participation:
These are the duels with German participation:

  • 1st duel: Pius Paschke (26) – Roman Koudelka (25)
  • 4. Duel: Philipp Raimund (29) – Jan Hörl (22)
  • 9. Duel: Martin Hamann (34) – Michael Hayböck (17)
  • 12. Duel: Lucas Roth (37) – Killian Peier (14)
  • 13th duel: Robin Pedersen (38) – Constantin Schmid (13)
  • 14th duel: Viktor Polasek (39) – Stephan Leyhe (12)
  • 21st Duel: Sondre Wrestling (46) – Markus Eisenbichler (5)
  • 25. Duel: Moritz Bear (50) Karl Geiger (1)

7:27 p.m .: And that’s exactly what he does: Ryoyu Kobayashi jumps even further and secures it Victory in Oberstdorf, Awesome performance by the Japanese, who can prevail against an outstanding Karl Geiger.

7:24 pm: Geiger picks up speed … Ziiiieh! Geiger flies up to 134 meters! This is the guide for violinists! Madness! Now only Kobayashi can take his victory!

7:22 pm: Now comes the Austrian Stefan Kraft. He has trouble landing, but the flight phase was decent. Will it be ranked 1 or 2 …? In fact, it’s only 2nd place, probably mainly because of the landing. Karl Geiger now follows.

7.20 p.m .: Eisenbicher jumps to 123.5 meters. He was late on the edge, had to correct a lot. In the end it is only enough for 7th place. Too bad!

7.18 p.m .: After the two Norwegians Forfang and Lindvik, Markus Eisenbichler is getting ready. Geiger will follow soon.

7.14 p.m .: Now the real top jumpers are coming: the Norwegian Johansson jumps to 2nd place, the Austrian Aschenwald even to 1st

7.11 p.m .: Pius Paschke, the German, jumps again! At the end it is 132.5 meters. 3rd place for the surprise jumper.

7:03 p.m .: Leyhe jumps to the front! 133 meters are impressive! Constantin Schmid jumps his typical range – 4th place.

18:58: By the way, the jumpers start in reverse order. Means: The best jumpers come at the end, including the German violinists and Eisenbichler.

18:54: These were the top five losers, the “Lucky Losers” of the first round. The Germans Roth and Bär finished second and fourth.

6.50 p.m .: The German Moritz Baer is the second jumper to secure first place at least once. 118.5 meters.

6.49 p.m .: It continues with the second round.


Interim results after the first round:


Ryoyu Kobayashi (JAP)



Karl Geiger (GER)



Stefan Kraft (AUS)



6:27 pm: The winner of the qualification, Stefan Kraft, also made a good leap: third place for the Austrian. All top jumpers performed well. It will be an exciting second round with seven Germans! The DSV eagles present themselves very well!

6:22 pm: Leyhe also goes into the second round. Bartol’s 106.0 meters is not enough to win against the German.

6:19 p.m .: Ryoyu Kobayashi once again flies away and jumps to 1st place. 154 points for the extremely strong Japanese.

6:16 p.m .: Markus Eisenbichler also jumps superbly. 3rd place for the 134 meters in difficult conditions. A little resurrection for Eisenbichler! Madness!

6.13 p.m .: It is 124.5 meters from Raimund. The violinist is carried by the audience and lands at 135 meters. 1st place, Oberstdorf cheers!

6.12 p.m .: The eagerly awaited German duel: Raimund against violinist! Can the favorite Geiger deliver here?

6.03pm: Now the high-caliber jump. Favorite Peter Prevc jumps to 127 meters in less than ideal conditions. What can its Austrian competitor oppose? Philipp Aschenwald wins because he jumps to 132.5 meters. Prevc must actually be scared.

17:59: The next German. Konstantin Schmid wants to crack Kilian Peier’s 123.5 meters. A short story, but … three and a half meters more! He is further and is 9th!

17:56: Difficult flight conditions for Kubacki with tailwind. The Pole still secured first place over 132.0 meters.

17:53: The next German goes into a duel. Pius Paschke only has to crack 112 meters. And … He flies and flies and flies. 132.5 meters! That means rank 3.

5.46 p.m .: A German duel follows. Moritz Baer jumps to 121.5 meters. Martin Hamann can only oppose 118.5 meters. Unlike all other jumps before, Baer is better.

5.44 p.m .: The first German! Luca Roth jumps to 124 meters with a slight updraft. His opponent is Antti Aalto. It only jumps to 119 meters. The first German is on! The audience cheers.

5.41 p.m .: Norwegian Robert Johansson had a bad start to the day and injured his back while sniffing snow. He starts anyway – and makes a strong jump. Even further than Daiki Ito. First and second place, Ito will probably be one of the “Lucky Losers”.

5:35 p.m .: As is so often the case in Oberstdorf, the conditions are not optimal. The jumpers have little start on the hill.

5.30 p.m .: Here we go! The Russian Evgeniy Klimov starts 68th Four Hills Tournament and wins the first duel.


5.13 p.m .: It starts in a quarter of an hour. Leyhe and Eisenbichler have a good chance of the second round. Geiger meets teammate Raimund – he too would have to assert himself against the young teammate without any problems.

4.46 p.m .: The 50 qualified jumpers are traditionally divided into 25 pairs. The first jumps against the 50th, the second against the 49th, etc. … The respective winners qualify for the second round. Likewise, the five best losers, the so-called “Lucky Losers”.

2.47 p.m .: The trial run starts in just over an hour. With the best weather and a sold-out stadium, 25,000 fans will create a mood. Nine DSV eagles are at the start today. The greatest chances of victory are attributed to Karl Geiger.

Sunday, December 29, 11:04 a.m .: Good Morning. After yesterday’s qualification, the ski jumpers start today in the 68th Four Hills Tournament. The trial run starts at 4 p.m. and the competition follows at 5:30 p.m. We report live!


Current score:

1.Stefan Kraft (AUT) – 152.20 points
Junshiro Kobayashi (JPN) – 149.60
3. Stephan Leyhe (GER) – 147.90
4. Ryoyo Kobayasshi (JPN) – 147.60
5.Markus Eisenbichler (GER) – 146.50
6.Karl Geiger (GER) – 145.00
7.Marius Lindvik (NOR) – 144.30
8. Domen Prevc (SLO) – 144.00
9. Piotr Zyla (POL) – 143.50
10. Philipp Aschenwald (AUT) – 141.50

11. Constantin Schmid (Qualified)
14. Pius Paschke (Q)
17. Martin Hamann (Q)
33. Luca Roth (Q)
34. Moritz Baer (Q)
45. Philipp Raimund (Q)

59. Richard Freitag (not qualified)
61. Kilian Maerkl (not qualified)
64. Felix Hoffmann (not qualified)


17:53: The qualification in Oberstdorf ends with a decent result from a German perspective. Nine DSV eagles will start tomorrow. The only downside is the resignation of Richard Freitag, who is unfortunately still weak in form.

17:51: Stefan Kraft sits on the 1 with 136 meters. Now only the top favorite Ryoyo Kobayashi – and he shows small weaknesses. At 133.5 meters, the Japanese “only” finished fourth, behind his brother Junshiro. Perhaps he has saved the vastness for tomorrow.

5.47 p.m .: Now it’s getting really loud. Karl Geiger starts as one of the favorites for the overall victory. The DSV-Adler lays confidently 132 meters on the snow, qualifies easily and lands behind Leyhe and Eisenbichler on the 4th.

5.42 p.m .: Austrian Daniel Huber also screwed up his jump, but saved Gregor Schlierenzauer. He is there, completely to the suffering of Huber.

5:36 p.m .: Constantin Schmid (129.5 meters) and Stephan Leyhe (133.5) perform their mandatory duties better than Friday and qualify for the final. Then the next hammer: star jumper Gregor Schlierenzauer screwed up his jump completely and is likely to be out with 112.5 meters.

17:27: Disillusionment follows. Richard Friday’s messed up season continues on tour, 112 meters mean 31st place and the end of qualifying. You can see the disappointment.

5:23 pm: Now Markus Eisenbichler! It does not have perfect conditions, the landing can also be optimized. But the white is great. 134 meters – 1st place, that’s what it looks like! Moritz Baer had previously qualified with 124 meters.

17:19 p.m .: For God’s sake! Takeu Takeuchi falls on landing, both skis loosen and one of them flies in a high arc into the audience ranks. After the first pictures nobody seems to have been hurt. The shock can be seen by the fans.

5.15 p.m .: Gregor Deschwanden is the first of this year’s four hill tour to be disqualified. The Swiss suit was too big – but its width would not have been enough for the final anyway.

5:08 p.m .: The Bulgarian Vladimir Zografski and the Russian Dimitry Vassiliev line up behind Hamann and Roth with their expanses – both will be there tomorrow!

5:02 p.m .: Wow! 15,000 spectators are there today, qualifying record of the four hills tour. Tomorrow’s competition is of course sold out with 25,000 fans.

4.50 p.m .: Short break! A slight updraft is nice, but it no longer fits into the specified wind corridor and therefore you have to wait a short time. 16 other jumpers have landed, Hamann and Roth are still in the first two places. This shows that the two B-Team boys have really strong first appearances.

4.33 pm: Philipp Raimund does it much better. 122.5 meters could be enough for jumping tomorrow. Luca Roth (122.60) jumps just as strongly, Martin Hamann (133.10) also has a super distance and is sure to start tomorrow.

16.30 o’clock: Here we go! And a German jumper from the B team is right there. Felix Hoffmann presents the first width of the day, 102 meters are … let’s say … expandable.

4.20 p.m .: The conditions are excellent today, only minimal tail wind is blowing. We can look forward to great jumping.

4:01 p.m .: A glimmer of hope: this season Kobayashi is not quite the dominator that he was last year. The 23-year-old again leads the table of the overall World Cup, but does not win jumping after jumping like last winter. With four strong appearances, the Japanese seems manageable.

3.30 p.m .: One hour until the first jump of the Four Hills Tournament 19/20. There is already a lot going on in Oberstdorf, as always the jumping will be turned into a fat party by the fans this year.

2:14 p.m .: The World Cup stand before the start of the four-hill tour:

  1. Ryoyo Kobayashi (JPN) – 440 points
  2. Stefan Kraft (AUT) – 369
  3. Karl Geiger (GER) – 347
  4. Kamil Stoch (POL) – 275
  5. Daniel-Andre Tanda (NOR) – 273

18.Pius Paschke (GER) – 101
21. Stephan Leyhe (GER) – 87
23.Constantin Schmid (GER) – 79
30.Richard Freitag (GER) – 37
32.Markus Eisenbichler (GER) – 32
36.Moritz Bär (GER) – 22

2:01 p.m .: It starts in a few hours. The big question: Can the Japanese high-flyer Ryoyo Kobayashi dominate again as on the last four-hill tour or can a DSV eagle even be dangerous?

1:05 p.m .: Markus Eisenbichler jumped onto the podium last season, narrowly missing the big coup. However, the DSV eagle did not start so well in the new season. “I still have one or two construction sites. But I am physically fit and feel able to jump well with the fully charged batteries. I have that in me and I know it won’t take that long, ”says the world champion nonetheless.

Saturday, 10:31 a.m .: It starts today: the first competitions of the Four Hills Tournament 19/20. The new DSV national coach comes in with high expectations: “It is a realistic goal for us that we can get on the podium with an athlete at best. If that happens, we can be satisfied, ”said Stefan Horngacher on Friday.

7.12 p.m .: German Markus Eisenbichler was one of the favorites after his sensational jumps last year, but Karl Geiger also attracted attention in the new season. Stefan Kraft (Austria) and Daniel Andre Tande (Norway) also have good chances. Ryoyu Kobayashi, however, remains a top favorite.

4:11 p.m .: The four competitions are also traditional this year in Oberstdorf (December 29), Garmisch-Patenkirchen (January 1), Innsbruck (4.1.) And Bischofshofen (6.1.).

12.03 p.m .: Tomorrow the qualification takes place in Oberstdorf, on Sunday the jumping there. The other dates: Garmisch-Partenkirchen (December 31st / January 1st), Innsbruck (January 3rd / 4th), Bischofshofen (January 5th / 6th).

10:54 a.m .: Tomorrow the whole world of ski jumping will be looking forward to Oberstdorf. Who can make an initial exclamation mark in the qualifying competition? Can a German jumper finally win the tour again?

Friday, December 27, 8:20 a.m .: Good morning and welcome to our live ticker for the Four Hills Tournament. In the coming days we will provide you with all information about the ski jumping spectacle here.

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