What you should know by now

The train drivers’ union GDL is on strike again – until Tuesday there will be massive train cancellations and delays at Deutsche Bahn and the S-Bahn in Munich. We’ll tell you what to watch out for. The train drivers’ union GDL is on strike again. This time, passenger traffic was affected for a full five […]

National team: Just don’t hold the ball flat – Löw should trust Plan M.

Dhe former national coach Jürgen Klinsmann put his successor Joachim Löw under pressure a few days ago with the sentence: “It is always our aim to become world or European champion. It’s our tradition and corresponds to the quality of our players. ”Is he right? At first glance, yes. The DFB staff, who are currently […]

Security when insuring: So that you don’t get left with the damage

Innsbruck – During the first tough lockdown, many used the time to beautify their homes. At the latest after the opening of the hardware store it started, the big hammering and drilling, as well as the significantly high number of accidents in manual work shortly afterwards showed. And when the gates of the furniture stores […]

Bank for Tyrol and Vorarlberg AG / Dividend payment

06/10/2020 Publication of inside information in accordance with Article 17 MAR by euro ad hoc with the aim of Europe-wide distribution. For the content is the Issuer responsible. Distributions / dividend resolutions 06/10/2020 Innsbruck – BANK FOR TYROL AND VORARLBERG AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT NOTICE The 102nd ordinary general meeting of shareholders of our company on 10 June […]

Cheap train instead of cheap flight – WORLD

Z.To greet the guests there was great brass band music from the Trachtenkapelle: This is how Ruhpolding and other holiday resorts in the Alps once received the first package holidaymakers from the northern parts of the country during the economic miracle years. They had had a night on rails, spartan in six-bed couchette compartments. It’s […]

Good to know: This is how you clean your cell phone properly and keep it germ-free

Innsbruck – SARS-CoV-2 is mainly transmitted through the airways and through body contact. MNS masks and gloves are worn to protect against the virus, and it is diligently “disinfected away” and “decontaminated”, which could be dangerous in some way. The worst germ spinner is still often forgotten: our own smartphone, which we always have in […]

Police blow up Corona party, then it gets wild – Tyrol

The police reported twelve young people to an illegal “corona party”. You now face hefty punishments. On Wednesday night, at 1:38 a.m., residents of a residential complex in Innsbruck filed a complaint about this loud noise from a room there. Shortly afterwards, the executive was at the door. Following the signals from the police, a […]