Former Short Track National Representative Kim Dong-sung took sleeping pills… Hospital transfer treatment

Kim Dong-sung (41, photo), a former short-track national team member, took a sleeping pill and was taken to a hospital in a blurred state for treatment.

According to the fire department on the 28th, Mr. Kim was transferred to the hospital by 119 paramedics from his home in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do at around 3:30 pm the previous day. At that time, Mr. Kim was known to be conscious, and there was no harm to his life.

It is reported that Kim has been complaining about the frustration of failing to pay child support and the mental pain of excessive exposure to private life. After divorce by consultation with his wife in 2018, he has also handed over parental and custody of his two children. Recently, he appeared on an entertainment program on a comprehensive programming channel, and clarified the suspicion that he did not properly pay child support to his children.

Yongin = Reporter Sangdo Oh [email protected]

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