Determining the potential for chronic renal failure based on the ratio of sodium and potassium intake

[이데일리 이순용 기자] Yonsei University College of Medicine Yongin Severance Hospital (Director Kim Eun-kyung) Department of Nephrology Professor Young-Soo Joo and Severance Hospital Department of Nephrology Professor Jeong-Tak Park announced the results of a study that revealed the relationship between the intake ratio of sodium and potassium and the risk of developing chronic renal failure. […]

“Higher Fracture Risk in Children with Food Allergies” – The Herald Economy, by Kim Tae-yeol in “Vivid Health with S Pen”

[헤럴드경제=김태열 건강의학 선임기자] Kyung Hee Medical Center Digital Health Center Prof. Yeong-Geon Yeong’s team (Professor Lee Seung-won of Sungkyunkwan University, Professor Shin Jae-il of Yonsei University, Professor Shin Yun-ho of Cha University, Researcher Kwon Ro-ji of Kyung Hee University) announced a study result that the risk of fracture in children diagnosed with food allergy is […]

spectacle! Children from 50 countries “hand-pulled the rope” to paddle the sidewalk with their bodies to protect themselves, the heart-wrenching picture is exposed-Society-Zhongshi News

spectacle! Sad scenes of children from 50 countries paddling their physical sidewalks to protect themselves by “hand-drawing the rope” were exposed. (Flip Facebook Cheap) The traffic chaos in Taiwan is called “Pedestrian Hell” by foreign media. Youtuber “Cheap” saw a group of about 50 elementary school students walking on the street a few days ago. […]

Men who lack vitamins, can erectile dysfunction come?

[이데일리 이순용 기자] Vitamin D is one of the nutrients our body needs, and we must be careful as it can cause various symptoms if we do not supplement in sufficient quantities. These include diabetes, chronic fatigue, depression, osteomalacia, premenstrual syndrome, and erectile dysfunction. In particular, as research results have been published that the risk […]