Ford calls for agreement on battery dispute between LG and SK… “Best interest for the United States”

Input 2021.02.12 06:32

Seoul LG and SK headquarters building. /yunhap news

Ford, an American automobile manufacturer, SK innovation (096770)He called for an agreement to end this’battery dispute’.

On the 11th (local time), CEO Jim Parley, Ford’s chief executive officer (CEO) said, “The agreement between the two companies is ultimately in the best interests of the US (armature) manufacturers and workers.”

Ford CEO Jim Parley called for an agreement between LG and SK through Twitter on the 11th (local time). /Twitter capture

According to a foreign press on the day, the International Trade Commission (ITC) raised LG’s hand in a lawsuit that LG filed against SK in infringement of trade secrets for armature batteries. It has decided to ban some of SK’s batteries from US imports for 10 years. Ford and Volkswagen, which are supplied with SK’s batteries in the US, have a grace period allowing imports for four and two years, respectively.

LG pressured SK to actively pursue an agreement on the ITC decision, but SK said it would correct the ITC results and expected US President Joe Biden’s veto exercise.

It can be interpreted that Ford has publicly expressed an opinion that the two companies will seek an agreement to close the dispute as soon as possible amid growing uncertainty over the import of SK batteries.


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