US exploration robot Perseverance succeeds in its first test drive on Mars

Input 2021.03.07 00:18 “Incredibly well done”Mars topsoil and rock collection for the next two years The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announced on the 5th (local time) that the’exploration robot (rover)’ Perseverance has succeeded in its first demonstration run on Mars. It has been two weeks since it landed on Mars’ example craters on […]

“President Wen, Vaccine Priority Vaccination for G7 Meeting”

Input 2021.03.06 16:54 Authorities “Departure for mandatory public service related to national interest, exceptional priority vaccination” It is expected that President Moon Jae-in will first receive a new coronavirus infection (Corona 19) vaccine ahead of his departure to attend the G7 (7 major countries) summit in the UK in June. President Moon Jae-in is demonstrating […]

Hong Sang-soo’Introduction’ won the Best Screenplay Award at Berlin Film Festival

Input 2021.03.05 20:24 Received the Silver Bear Award for 2 consecutive years following’The Woman Who Fleeed’ last year Director Hong Sang-soo’s movie’Introduction’./Provided by all filmmakers Director Hong Sang-soo announced the news of the award for the second year in a row at the Berlin International Film Festival. Director Hong received the Silver Bear Award Screenplay […]

Korea Food and Drug Administration, Novartis Immunity Cancer Drug Approved in Korea… No. 1 advanced biopharmaceutical

Input 2021.03.05 13:08 CAR-T cell therapy’Kimria’ Figure explaining the principle of anticancer treatment of CAR-T cells. / Provided by the Food and Drug Administration The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety announced on the 5th that it had approved the domestic market of’Kimriaju’, an immune cell (CAR-T cell) anticancer drug from Novartis, a multinational pharmaceutical […]

‘LH employee pre-speculation suspicion’… The 3rd new town plan is disrupted

Input 2021.03.05 11:00 With suspicion that the employees of the Korea Land and Housing Corporation (LH) had speculated in the planned areas of Gwangmyeong and Siheung new towns in advance, there are concerns that the government’s ambitious 3rd new town project could also spark fire. The distrust of public opinion and follow-up measures by the […]