Kim Won-hee “My younger brother has been struggling with illness for over 30 years…

[스포츠조선닷컴 정안지 기자] Actor Kim Won-hee blushed as she recalled her sick younger brother.

Kim Won-hee recently appeared on CBS’Let’s Make it New’ and talked about her younger brother, who has been struggling for a long time.

Kim Won-hee was the first to confess the story of his younger brother, who has been fighting for more than 30 years through a broadcast last year.

On this day, Kim Won-hee recalled, “My younger brother is the youngest of 1 boy and 4 daughters. How precious is it?”

However, when my younger brother was 5 years old, he suffered an epilepsy due to a head injury when he was hit by a taxi. Wonhee Kim said, “I’ve been playing games since I was young…”

Kim Won-hee remembers her younger brother who hated going to school in the eyes of people who had to go through middle school and adolescence. He said, “My younger brother started to be pessimistic and resented his parents.” He added, “I screamed that it was so painful for an unknown pain.”

Kim Won-hee confessed, “The first floor of the house was decorated like an emergency room. My parents always took care of me right next to my younger brother. The whole family went through a difficult situation. It was always like a war.”

In particular, Kim Won-hee said, “It’s a house, but I heard a pain from the window. The police came because I reported it as a misunderstanding of abuse. I recently moved. I thought it was serious. I moved to a place with good air.” He said, “Now I don’t just load my mom and dad, I live close to them. I went to my parents often,” he said. “My sister does something delicious and my two younger siblings serve as my parents’ limbs. I am doing it.”

Kim Won-hee added, “I am happy to relieve the heaviness of my mom and dad. Because my family is happy, I endured it.”


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