For a long time, HG Elm sold dearly at eight

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For a long time, HG Elm sold dearly at eight

04.10.2022, 12:15

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HG Elm around Kai Vahldiek (at launch) acknowledged another significant away defeat. In Geismar, on the other hand, Elm handball players only played with eight field players.

Photo: Olaf Hahn / regios24

The battered team of coach Andreas Simon loses to Geismar with 32:39.

The Landesliga handball players have returned empty-handed HG Elm from their away game in the southern season to MTV Geismar Return. Handball players Elm, who arrived with only eight players on the field, lost 32:39 (18:23) yet HG-Trainer dared Andrea Simone look into the crystal ball: “If we had started here with a normal normal or a starting seven, we wouldn’t have lost.”

Two young A’s and a temporary worker are part of the HG Elm team

HG was plagued with well-known staff problems. Among the eight players on the pitch at Geismar were Serie A youths Gerrit Gerloff and Noah Kaufmann as well as Roland Banick, a 48-year-old temporary from the “second”. Simon had received numerous rejections from his players in advance. “We knew about our problems with the staff and tried to move the game,” said the Elm manager. The problem: Geismar disagreed. “When we entered the room, we understood why: their bench was occupied by 18 people – 14 players and four supervisors.”

The sports feature film lacked excitement for long stretches of play. HG kept up for as long as possible. Outnumbered, he eventually had to go down from 10:11 to 11:16. “We took that mortgage with us,” Simon said.

Simon criticized the restless line of the referees

According to Simon, it was made more difficult for the referees to whistle a difficult line. “It wasn’t really a difficult game,” said the HG manager. “However, the two did inflict 15 time penalties, nine of which were just us,” continued Simon. “I have no idea what referees sometimes want to see.”

When Alexander Scheller, one of only three backfield players for the visitors, saw the red card (49th), Geismar had an easy game in the finals. “After Alexander’s 2-minute suspension, there were only two defensive players left with Gerrit Gerlof and Noah Kaufmann,” said Simon. “We couldn’t compensate for it anymore. That’s why in the last few minutes it was about keeping the deficit and the defeat within limits.” It is good that HG goalkeeper Florian Meyer has been on the post before and suffered “alone” 39 goals.

HG: Meyer, Rokitta – Gerloff 7, Kaufmann 6, Scheller 4, K. Vahldiek 5, S. Maack, J. Maack 4, Schoel 6, Banick.

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