no boycott but no support, Villeurbanne appeals to “free will”

No giant screens in Bron, unless France goes far …

“Bron is a city of football”, as its mayor of LR, Jérémie Bréaud, likes to say. It is also on its territory that during the last Euro one of the rare fan zones was installed, at the Pierre-Duboeuf stadium. But this will not be the case for the next World Cup in Qatar.

“Some are offended that this event will take place in two months, but it was awarded to this country in December 2010! And we heard less of them for the previous edition in Russia or for the Olympics in China… So yes, it is an environmental and human rights aberration. But no, I’m not asking for a boycott, as other municipalities have been able to do, ”she explains.

The mayor justifies this decision “for budgetary reasons. At a time when we’re trying to find money, we’re not going to spend it on that. If, on the other hand, France goes far, in time or in the final, we do not forbid anything … “Because he insists:” Bron is a city of football, with perhaps the future Golden Ball, Karim Benzema. So we’ll see when the time comes. “As for the possible holidays to celebrate the probable reward for Brondillant, October 17th.


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