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It is this Tuesday that Tavini’s delegation speaks before the 4th UN commission. The signatories are calling for a work program on Polynesia to start a process of decolonization. Recall that Polynesia has been re-registered in the list of countries to be decolonized since May 2013.

“The work program would make it possible to form an opinion”Richard Tuheiava stated before the commission that he believes that the France continues to violate the Charter by failing to recognize decolonization (…) We are deeply concerned that the failure to launch a program is hindering the decolonization process relaunched in May 2013”.

Main argument of the Separatists to justify their presence, once again, before the 4th UN commission: the victory in the legislative elections of the three candidates Tavini, Moetai Brotherson, Steve Chailloux and Tematai Le Gayic.

This is “Strengthened by this democratic victory” that we come before you, Tony Géros told the UN, asking France “Stop practicing the empty chair policy and start a negotiation on decolonization”.

For independence leader Oscar Temaru, “There is no democracy in a territory where democracy is managed by another country” …

19 signatories … and René Temeharo

19 petitioners for independence, including Steve Chailloux and Tematai Le Gayic, are currently at the United Nations. The country is represented by a single person: René Temeharo, Minister of Major Works and Land Transport.

“Not everything is perfect. Much remains to be done “admitted the Minister who underlined it “As in many countries, the covid 19 crisis and the rise in prices have forced the government to make often unpopular choices”. In his opinion, “The election results in no way reflect an ideological shift among Polynesians. It was a sanctioning vote. “ The Tavini members come for him “Opportunistically seek external political support. (…) Only the Polynesian will decide his future. We will respect his choice when the time comes (…) People will decide at home. Not in Paris, not in New York. “

It is from the presidency, here in Polynesia, that the president of the country Edouard Fritch spoke. An absence of the UN that is explained “From his defeat” to the legislative according to Tavini.

“I have been to the UN 4 times in the last few years to argue that Polynesia is not under the yoke of colonization“Said Edouard Fritch. As proof of this, Polynesia is now a full member of the Pacific Islands Forum. The Forum “We would not have accepted to welcome us if we had been colonized”, he argues.

Facing the UN, Hinamoeura Cross speaks once again about his fight against leukemia. For her, France has abandoned Polynesia and left behind “polluted” and “disease” lands. In these conditions “turn the page” as the state would like, it seems impossible.

For its part, Edouard Fritch believes that efforts to do so “repair” have been initiated with the state on nuclear testing.

For the president of the country, Polynesia is free to make decisions. “I just got back from Washington (…) I was there on the same level as a head of state from an independent country. Heremoana Maamaatuaiahutapu went to New York to represent Polynesia (…). The vice president went to Brisbane (…) Polynesia is clearly in the concert of the nations recognized in the world (…) Tavini’s fight in New York is outdated, in the rear, and Polynesia does not gain “ he estimated.

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