Football boss Berbr in custody! The other three accused are being tried by the court

The police detained a total of 19 people during Friday’s raid at the FACR headquarters. Now, four of them are heading for custody, and among them is the vice-president of the Football Association, Roman Berbr.

A 66-year-old official called the Chief spent most of his time during Saturday’s interrogation at the branch office in Ústí nad Labem, because the criminal investigators there are in charge of investigating the case.

Subsequently, Berbr was transferred to Přeštice in Pilsen, where he visited the local branch of one of the banks alongside the police.

The head of the Prague High Public Prosecutor’s Office, Lenka Bradáčová, then revealed during Saturday evening that four of the 19 detainees had been sentenced to detention.

“For four people, the prosecutor has filed a motion to take them into custody. If they are released, there is a reasonable fear that they may frustrate the investigation by possibly influencing previously unheard witnesses and continue the crime for which they are being prosecuted.” Bradáčová specified.

It is now clear that football boss Roman Berbr is also involved in the quartet, which is traveling to the detention center. These are the other three names so far. However, among the accused are the sports director of Slavoje Vyšehrad, Roman Rogoz, and the referee, Tomáš Grimm.

They are being investigated, among other things, for embezzlement, bribery and acceptance of a bribe. Imminent sentences should range from two to five years. However, there is also talk of connecting detainees to a criminal group, which would mean even higher penalties.


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