VIDEO. Samanta Tīna harshly criticizes fitness beauty Jutu Valdmanis: like such a cat old woman!

Samanta Tīna, Juta Valdmane, Lauris Reinis and Armands Jaunzems in Georgia.

Samanta Tīna, Juta Valdmane, Lauris Reinis and Armands Jaunzems in Georgia.

Photo: screenshot from Instagram

Yesterday, the latest series of the new adventure show “Four on Suitcases” reached the audience, where four celebrities continued – Laura Reinika, Juta Valdmane, Samantas Tīna a Armanda Jaunzema adventures in georgia. As always, there was no shortage of bright events.

Those who have been to Georgia will agree – this country is especially distinguished by stray cat and dog colonies, which will be found on the streets of Tbilisi in the vast majority this time as well. This fact did not go unnoticed by fitness beauty Juta Valdmane, who, despite the fact that cats live on the street and are without a specific owner to take care of them, could not control their love for four-legged burglars. She hurried to pat and take in every cat she met on the way, earning criticism from singer Samantina Tina.

“Well, like all ladies – cat grandmother! But I keep watching that she takes those cats from the street in her hands, puts them on her face. I have nothing against cats, but it’s so unhygienic. Let these cats live, but you don’t have to take them in your hands – who knows, maybe they have fleas, worms. You do not know – he lives on the street and eats from musariem, ”Said Samanta Tīna.

What Samanta thinks about Utah’s weakness in cats, watch this video:

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Do you agree with Samanta?

  • Yes, she’s right – it’s not wise to take street cats

  • No, I don’t agree – let Utah do what he wants!

  • I find it difficult to answer this question

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