FLAME AND SHOCK ?! The plane landed without Gott

Many would assume that this time the eldest daughter Slavík is serious about her words and will settle in the Czech Republic. After all, she found an apartment, a job here and wanted to start again. At the same time, he became a closely watched personality, in which both the Czech and German media became interested. Czech Television wanted to document her life on the roller coaster in the 13th room. In Germany, she was again invited to film a documentary about Karl Gott (†80).

These were Dominika’s plans, and she seemed to rise both professionally and financially. However, out of nowhere came the decision to go to Finland to annul the divorce of the twenty-year marriage with Tim Tolkki. Suddenly, her plans in the Czech Republic began to melt, as Dominika plans to return to Finland permanently.

Dominika and Tim are asking for a social apartment! And the son paralyzed Ivanka Deváté he had a heart attack

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In the Czech Republic, however, he has to arrange a few necessary formalities before he finally moves out with his husband. One of them is the apartment, which he rents and must hand it over to the owner in good condition. Dominika’s expected return to the Czech Republic was to take place today. However, the plane landed without Dominica. “Dominika missed the flight, had a difficult night with a party and fell asleep,” a source from the nearby area told the Expres.cz website. The Gotts.

Dominika is waiting for another flight. Once he has settled everything essential here, there is no plan to return here. Although a possible return to her husband, who suffers from bipolar disorder, was out of the question for her half a year ago, she eventually gave the marriage a chance. The question remains whether this decision is really final.

The truth about death Menzela – He died with a covid! Gott returns to Finland to see Tim. And the star Šlapeta is fighting for life!

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