Firefighters: Actually Friendship – New Film in the ARD Degeto Series

Firefighters: Actually Friendship – New Film in the ARD Degeto Series

25.09.2023 – 08:44

ARD Das Erste

Munich (ots)

In rural northern Germany, the alarm is again sounding for the volunteer fire brigade team around the two unlikely comrades Anja Schmitz and Meike Honnich, played by Nadja Becker and Katja Danowski. In the second film of the new ARD Degeto series “Firefighters”, it’s not just a mysterious series of fires that keeps the colorful group of activists on their toes – there’s also a huge fire in their private lives. Director Martin Busker stages the film with a mixture of comedy, drama, action and North German flair. Other roles in front of Thomas Schinz’s camera include Merlin Sandmeyer, Fabien Tietjen, Lina Wendel, Elmar Gutmann, Alina Hidic, Christian Rudolf, Jan Hasenfuß, Elias Leon Philippi, Leander Lichti, Marven Gabriel Suarez-Brinkert and many others. The filming takes place in the Hamburg area until the end of September.

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A year after the firefighters Anja (Nadja Becker) and Meike (Katja Danowski) met, you might think that they had become friends – if they weren’t both such secret keepers! Anja tries to hide the fact that she also lost her house after her job. And no one should know that her awkward one-night stand with local fire chief Rainer (Merlin Sandmeyer) has turned into an affair. Meike, for her part, can hardly admit to herself and certainly not to Anja that she feels strange on her own farm. It is precisely there that Anja is taken in in her distress, and in the new court community the two women with their opposite temperaments quickly clash with each other. The private state of alarm is fueled by a series of mysterious fires, which Meike suspects is of all people his fire brigade colleague Olli (Fabien Tietjen) – until everything finally gets completely out of control.

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“Firefighters: Actually Friendship” (AT) is a production by Krebs & Krappen Film (producers Claudia Krebs and Volker Krappen) on behalf of ARD Degeto for ARD for the slot “Endlich Freitag im Erste”. As he did for the pilot film “Phoenix from the Ashes”, Volker Krappen also wrote the script for “Actually Friendship” (AT). The editorial team is Katja Kirchen (ARD Degeto).

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