FilGoal | News | Ahmed Eid: Zamalek is the best team in Africa … and these are the advice of my colleagues

The young Ahmed Eid Zaheer Ayman Al-Zamalek spoke after his first appearance with the team, pointing to “Zamalek is the best team in Africa.”

Zamalek defeated Aswan 2-0, in the 11th round of the Egyptian League. (See details)

Mostafa Mohamed and Ahmed Sayed “Zizou” recorded a record for Zamalek in a meeting that witnessed the participation of Ahmed Eid mainly.

Ahmed Eid said, “Zamalek is the best team in Africa, and its shirt is very big.”

“Since I entered the dressing rooms, everyone stood beside me, supported me, and supported me,” he added in his comments with On Sport.

“My colleagues continued to tell me that it was necessary to” play the easy “at first. Everyone advised me and helped me and Carton spoke to me individually.”

“Carteron told me that there should be no progress if the other back is in progress, and covering is like a defensive heart at the time,” he said.

And he continued his speech by saying: “Everyone supports me and I hope that I will be as good as I am and the next will be better.”

Mostafa Mohamed opened the goals of Zamalek in the 42nd minute to break the steadfastness of Aswan and celebrate the arrow method.

Before Ahmed Sayed “Zizou” finished Aswan’s hopes in the 62nd minute with a fantastic goal and celebrated the dance of Irish fighter Connor MacGregor.

Zamalek has played 10 players since the 52nd minute after Tareq Hamed was sent off.

Zamalek’s victory broke the series of negative results for the team in the league, after losing to Tala’i Al-Jaish and then a tie against Smouha and Military Production, respectively.

French Patrice Cartieron won his second league victory with Zamalek after defeating Pyramids.

Zamalek reached point 18 in the fourth position, while Aswan’s balance at point 7 remained in the 17th position.

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