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Falling to the bottom of Meghan and Harry? They didn’t succeed!


The British media has long speculated that the cause of their departure was a dispute between Meghan and Harry’s brother, Prince William. However, both princes resolutely refused. Others argue that Meghan is behind the departure. However, even this variant is not correct.

Harry and Meghan had planned to leave the royal family one day before their wedding. Before joining with Meghan, the prince himself admitted that he was considering leaving the royal family because he was not happy there and his marriage to the former actress only confirmed him in his decision.

Prince Harry and his Meghan jumped into a luxurious jaguar after the wedding!

However, the couple chose the worst possible time to leave the British royal family. Their previous behavior earned a negative media image. Then came the coronavirus pandemic, giving them a chance to improve their reputation. However, this did not happen. According to One Day Plus, Harry and Meghan could not be heard and seen much during the pandemic. According to social networks, fans no longer show as much interest in them as they did a year ago. Their influence and value as celebrities is also declining. Although they are still very popular for Americans, stars are already completely irrelevant in Europe.

“I think quarantine has greatly helped to improve the public image of all members of the royal family, except Harry and Meghan. They definitely lost this because they look isolated now and are no longer completely irrelevant to our country,” said One Day Plus Dampier in an interview with The Express. Although Meghan will probably not care, she has always aimed primarily at the American market, Harry will have to accept that he will become an insignificant figure in the United Kingdom.

Meghan Markle on coercion and life in the royal family:



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