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Many couples decide to tattoo something symbolic, such as the anniversary date, their names or something that permanently reminds them of their loved one. James, a man who lives in the United States, decided to tattoo his beloved wife’s face on his leg, but chose her worst picture. The result of this peculiar tattoo became viral on Facebook.

James and Kelly McGraw They are a couple of husbands who have a normal marriage. The only feature that sets them apart from the other couples is that They love to make jokes and bother each other.

James and Kelly McGraw (Photo: Facebook)
James and Kelly McGraw (Photo: Facebook)

Recently, she badly cut her hair as part of a joke. So, as a Christmas gift, he decided to tattoo her face on her thigh, but chose a photo where she went to sleep with her mouth open while traveling by plane.

When he showed him his new tattoo, she could not believe it. I was ‘horrified’. I hated too much the photo and the tattoo. However, after a few days and seeing her husband every day, she overcame it. “I can’t look at him without laughing. It’s horrible and I have more double chin, ”he said to an international media.

Although Kelly has already passed the tattoo and is calmer. James is afraid of his wife’s revenge, because after 24 years of joking he knows that his joke will be epic. “I’m afraid because I don’t know what he’s planning now,” he said.

James tattoo photo. (Photo: Facebook)
James tattoo photo. (Photo: Facebook)


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