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Everwild, the new Rare, would have restarted its development according to a leaker

We are just one day away from the arrival of the 2022 and on these dates it is common to look back to review the best of the year and look forward to contemplate what is to come in a few months that, surely, will be exciting for video game fans.

One of the protagonists of the year 2021 has been Jeff Grubb with its XboxEra podcast and its continuous leaks and information on various movements in the video game industry in general and, above all, everything that has to do with Microsoft consoles.

Precisely in the last episode of their podcast for this 2021, Grubb and Shpeshal Nick have debated and given new information on the future of some of the first party games on Xbox consoles leaving good and bad news for Microsoft players and its spectacular Game Pass service.

Starting with the bitter plate we will meet Everwild, an action and adventure video game in a fantastic open world world that it will have restarted its development because “it was a real disaster“, pointing to the departure of several employees and that currently Rare does not know what direction to trace with its new work after the restart of its development.

Obsidian to launch Project Missouri in 2022

On the good side of the scale we will find that Obsidian will be ready. to launch Project Missouri (also known as Penminent) in 2022. It is an investigative role-playing game set in the 16th century that would be inspired by Disco Elysium and directed by Josh Sawyer, responsible for Fallout: New Vegas Y Pillars of Eternity.

In addition, Microsoft would also be ready to launch a Diablo-style action RPG in 2022 with code name Project Belfry, not to mention confirmed projects like the highly anticipated Starfield or everything that is coming to Game Pass on launch day.

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