Estrella clarifies it went through “rigorous audits”

Ingeniería Estrella defended last night the transaction of 1.1 million dollars that it executed to the Nashville Financial company for payment of services provided in studies and designs at the time of construction of the Corredor Duarte I contract.

Estrella responded to an investigative work issued by journalist Alicia Ortega in her Monday Report, where she showed that the construction company consortium with Odebrecht made a “suspicious” payment on December 1, 2011 to Nashville Financial, of Panamanian origin, which currently has suspended status for being one of the companies linked in corruption cases with the Brazilian construction company.

The Fincen files is the leak of thousands of documents that expose how the big banks facilitated criminal and fraudulent transactions worldwide.

A 16-month investigation by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, BuzzFeed News, and some 400 journalists from 88 countries, including the Report with Alicia Ortgea, reveals confidential bank reports sent to Fincen that give a general overview of the money flow that would have served to finance corruption and crime worldwide.

Hundreds of files

According to Ortega, there are 2,100 files known as “suspicious” activity reports, including the one that Estrella made to Nashville Financial in 2011. In this regard, Estrella replied that this transaction was reported as “suspicious” by the financial system. Dominican Republic at the beginning of 2017, when it became known about Odebrecht’s problems, for which it had to undergo a compliance process, justifying the reasons and the reason for the corresponding contracts and invoices, successfully completing the banking protocol. “Subsequently, we authorized a prestigious multilateral organization with which we have working relationships, to audit all our operations related to said construction company, our company also successfully passing through that rigorous auditing process,” said Estrella in a statement. In addition, she specified that it is an absolutely normal practice in the construction industry to hire external services, which must be charged to the work and are deducted from the cubed or paid to third parties by checks or transfers, as is the case of reference. . “The use that the supplier gives to these payments is beyond our knowledge and scope,” said Estrella.


Nashville is a company that was managed by Fernando Miglaccio, former treasurer of the Structured Operations Division, whose group was created exclusively for the purpose of handling bribes from Odebrecht. In June of last year, Ortega revealed that Ingeniería Estrella, through the Offshore Porto Alegre Management, owned by him, had received between September 2011 and July 2012, more than 9.4 million dollars, from the accounts used by Odebrecht to pay bribes that were reflected in bank statements. At that time, the company said in writing that through this offshore, they received “income from contracts for works in which we were part of the consortium.”


Ingeniería Estrella assured that as of 2017 a compliance department was created which, among its missions, is to subject all its clients and suppliers to this process.

Campaign The transfer of 1.1 million dollars with credit to Nashville occurs when the country was immersed in the political campaign for the presidential elections of 2012, with only 5 months remaining until the elections of that year.


Estrella ensures that this transaction to Nashville and all its operations are reported to the treasury.


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