Energy credit is also possible in the event of Schufa problems

Many private households are currently receiving nasty raise letters from energy suppliers. What to do if the house bank refuses the desired mortgage or if there are Schufa problems?

Even with negative Schufa characteristics, you should always look for a normal loan first. Because in more than 90% of cases a normal loan is possible even with a negative Schufa entry (Schufa loan without secrecy)!

Credit without Schufa secret:

In 90% of cases a normal loan is still possible even with a negative Schufa enrollment! This is explained by the fact that a negative Schufa entry is no longer considered serious by each bank and therefore leads to the rejection of the loan request. Learn more about: Schufa no-secret loan guarantee not to disclose a Deutsche Bank!

Energy credit from Maxda even with Schufa problems!

Maxda: Even with negative credit bureau, 90% normal credit!

At Maxda, a normal loan is always sought first, to the advantage of the applicant. Searching for a loan WITHOUT a credit bureau takes place only if no normal credit is possible due to serious violations of the credit bureau.

Maxda Kreditsvermittlung GmbH is an independent online loan provider. Maxda has been a specialist for convenient loans for many years, even without a Schufa membership. The company is therefore particularly aimed at a target group, which often has little or no chance of obtaining a loan from “classical banks”.

MAXDA is more than an ordinary bank: At MAXDA, the customer receives the best offer from many partner banks in Germany and abroad, even without Schufa, even for the self-employed, even on weekends! Free loan offer in 24 hours!

In addition to Schufa-free loans, Maxda offers conventional installment loans, car loans and debt restructuring. Many already know about the Maxda cash loan from television advertising. With Maxda, loans of up to 250,000 euros are possible even if other banks have already rejected them. Even without information Schufa!

As an independent service provider, Maxda works together with leading German and European credit banks and can thus offer its customers an optimized loan offer. Maxda arranges loans without credit agency information with loan amounts of €3500, €5000 or €7500, each with a term of 40 months.

Maxda complies with the Deutsche Stiftung Warentest:

Loan amount from 500 to 250,000 euros
Credit without Schufa up to 7,500 euros
Also thanks to self-employed workers, entrepreneurs and freelancers!
For free use (e.g. debt restructuring, overdraft, holiday loan)
Credit financing is provided by international lenders, so lower interest rates are possible!
Duration from 10 to 120 months
Absolutely discreet – your employer and your home bank will know nothing!
Free quote in 24 hours!

With Maxda via the Internet you save considerable costs compared to the traditional house bank lending process. These savings are then passed on to the borrowers in the form of cheaper loan rates.

The credit broker Maxda works together with various partner banks in Germany and abroad to determine the best credit offer for the customer. Otherwise, if the client asks a bank for a loan, he only gets the offer from this bank! To benefit from the same advantage, the applicant would have to apply to several banks! Unlike the bank, loans are possible even despite the negative credit bureau and loans without a credit bureau.

Credit possible even in difficult cases (e.g. negative credit bureau)!

Many loan applicants wonder how it is possible to arrange serious loans when other banks have already refused.

It is Maxda’s core competence to be able to arrange loans even in difficult cases (e.g. Schufa problems) when other banks have already refused. This is possible through cooperation with many small partner banks in Germany and abroad, which process the customer’s loan applications simply, customer-oriented and without the Schufa criterion!

Many of these smaller banks ask for credit bureau information, but allow normal loans if you have minor problems with the credit bureaus. This is the main difference from classic German banks, which do not give a loan in case of negative credit bureau entries, regardless of the degree of credit bureau violation!

Normal loans (again with Schufa) are usually faster to process and are usually cheaper. Therefore, for the benefit of the loan applicant, the possibility of a normal loan with Schufa is always explored first!

Our tip: Check whether credit is possible despite the Credit Bureau!

Searching for a loan despite a negative Credit Bureau is therefore an advantage for the loan applicant, since not all banks consider a negative Credit Bureau entry serious and lead to the rejection of the loan application.

In the event of small Schufa shortcomings, such as a forgotten or unpaid utility bill on time, a normal loan is still possible! Consumers can find recommendations for suitable credit intermediaries in the credit despite the Schufa ranking.

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