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The next municipal elections are scheduled for March 7, 2021. In other words, tomorrow for the political strategists of the main parties, and in particular those of Yverdon. In the second city of the canton, elected officials expect a fierce campaign, and probably quite early, if it has not already started. From one end of the political landern to the other, we are already scribbling lists and preparing hypotheses. And in any case, we profile the future papables for the Executive.

The stakes are high. On the right, we intend to defend the majority acquired at the end of 2014 from Daniel von Siebenthal. Under the assets of the trustee Jean-Daniel Carrard and his team, the PLR ​​has a solid track record: a bypass road under construction, a reinforced local police force, a college, a new Place d’Armes under construction, cranes everywhere in Y-Parc, in short, a city undergoing a metamorphosis. What voters wanted.

To be able to profile, the left will have to bet on the “business” of the majority, such as the crisis in the newspaper “The Region”, or even point the finger at finance on the wire and the catastrophic introduction of the waste tax.

Because it is indeed a left on the offensive which is preparing. She hopes to be able to benefit from the famous wave of young people, women and pro-climates, which surprised the elected representatives of Yverdon themselves. In the national elections at the end of October, the Young Greens won 6.3% of the vote, the Greens 18.7% and the PS 23.2%, against a PLR dropped to a small 15%, or as much as the SVP .

Uncertainty on the right

“This will be the last photograph of the voting intentions before March 2020,” notes an elected official of the pink-green camp. And this photo is largely in our favor. “The city’s electorate, traditionally very close to balance, is said to be evolving. Enough to imagine a combative ticket from socialists and environmentalists, very sure of themselves (“even too much”, say several elected officials) with three or even four elected representatives in addition to the outgoing ones, who all speak of representing themselves according to our information.

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Right, it’s uncertainty. Nothing filters in terms of its strategy to retain the majority and keep hold of the City’s major projects. However, it is on the side of the PLR ​​that the deal is most open. Of its four elected to the Executive, and behind the facade declarations, several municipal officials are likely to hesitate to stack, believe the politicians of the place.

Gloria Capt, a town planner, had to carry out administrative reform and exhausting large-scale projects under the crossfire of the Council. Valérie Jaggi-Wepf, at the Police, is gradually returning to business after a sick leave started in March, while Marc-André Burkhard, 78 years old and in place since 2002, remains – by far – the dean of the municipalities of Vaud towns . In the middle of it all, a series of heads are emerging. Confirmed politicians, very few women on the right, and a lot of ambition on both sides. This is what promises.

The main elected officials in sight for 2021

The discreet
Pascal Gafner, UDC

Unsuccessful candidate in 2016, the former president of the Council is the elected UDC who has the most unanimity on the left and on the right. Much less controversial than the other figure of the party, the energetic but not very collegial Ruben Ramchurn, the printer of Grandson has been discreet since the end of his presidency, where he had treated his staging. He is gradually getting back on track, recalling that his popular intervention for a revaluation of rue du Lac, the main artery of the center, is still awaiting a response. He may well try again.

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Christian Weiler, PLR

Current respected president of the Council, former president of his party, Christian Weiler is a name that comes up systematically in the list of papables. His posture as a man marrying (sometimes too much) office, his ease in debates and his knowledge of files have long drawn him as a natural candidate for the Executive. Elected versatile, director of the Primeroche Foundation at the head of several EMS and specialized establishments, he has several times said to be available to his party, if his work allowed him.

The combative
Pascale Fischer, PS

Touching everything, not always easy to locate in relation to the line of the local party, not really the language in his pocket and speaker of quality, the former municipal of Grandson quickly became one of the good cards of the PS. She embodies the voice of the opposition alongside Stéphane Balet, MP, another member of the Council who could also be in a good position despite his failure during the 2016 supplement. The two stand out, however, more for their fighting spirit in the face of Executive only for their diplomacy.

The conservative
Maximilien Bernhard, PLR

Former figure of the UDF passed to the PLR ​​after his failure in the 2011 municipal elections, he has since played, in plenum, the whole and total defense of the majority and its policy. Determined, on the Conservative line, he is often cited as a potential municipal, unless the party prefers the current party president, Laurent Roquier, a skilful negotiator behind the scenes. Next to these two close profiles, the only elected representative on the right, Anne Gillardin Graf, is a Liberal Green who is unlikely to appear on a PLR ticket.

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The engaged
Fanny Spichiger, The Greens

Deputy delegate for integration in the Canton and former group leader, versatile and efficient, the elected official alternated success and difficulties in the plenum, especially on the injection room, ultimately refused, and positions sometimes considered too divisive. On the right, his intervention for a paternity leave of 20 days and his pikes to the trustee were curiously little appreciated. Committed, more discreet in recent times, however, she has her party behind her. This is the candidacy that the elected officials consider the most likely.

The jurist
Natacha Ribeaud Eddahbi, PS

It’s the socialist who is favored by the right. Jurist in the Canton, assessor judge at the Tribunal des baux, experienced elected representative and committed commissioner, she distinguished herself by leading the rewriting of all the municipal police regulations, sparingly managed by the City, without making waves. We have also seen her pilot and pass several initiatives in favor of equality. She will soon chair the Council, enjoying a great springboard. It remains to be seen if it will be able to profile itself in a PS of Yverdonnois plagued by divisions.

The technician
Benoist Guillard, The Greens

Advanced and recognized technician, representative of cyclists, active and naturalized citizen, it is an asset for a party that dreams of resuming Urban Planning or Mobility. This executive scratching is often quoted on a potential ticket that would put forward a younger and risky candidacy, which would not be a surprise given the context surrounding the party. Activist Mathilde Marendaz, director of Fri-Son Léa Romanens and environmental science student Younes Segrouchni are also cited.

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