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Earning money by cycling – now also in Rapperswil

Earning up to 80 francs a month on the daily cycle route without any additional effort doesn’t sound bad. And is also possible with the young start-up company Working Bicycle. Working Bicycle is a booking platform for mobile outdoor advertising, which brings advantages for both advertisers and cyclists.

This is how it works

All cyclists who cycle three or more days a week, cover at least ten kilometers per week and have a luggage rack can create a profile on Working Bicycle. With the full profile you can decide on an initial campaign in your own city. The campaigns are from advertisers who want to see their advertising on the bikes. On the start day you get a personal advertising box with the first campaign mounted on your bike and you are ready to drive the advertising customers’ campaigns across your own city while cycling. With every further campaign you get advertising foils delivered directly to your home, which you can then put back on the advertising box. With five advertising spaces per driver, products, brands or events can be advertised on a mobile basis and across the board. Drivers receive remuneration for their daily bike tours; the mobile advertising space chauffeurs receive CHF 20 per campaign week.

However, the aim of Working Bicycle is not only to offer mobile advertising space throughout Switzerland, but also to promote cycling. In order to implement this, the young company actively addresses people from all age groups. The age spectrum ranges from 16 to over 70 years.

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