Dresden and Frankfurt prohibit “lateral thinkers” demonstrations, the Constitutional Court confirms the ban on demonstrations in Bremen

Dresden. In Dresden and Frankfurt am Main planned “lateral thinkers” demonstrations against the Corona protective measures were banned for this Saturday. The Dresden regulatory office referred to a high expected number of participants. Against the background of the pandemic situation, such a gathering would endanger public security, the city administration announced on Tuesday. The Frankfurt authorities argued similarly.

The Dresden Ordnungsamt go “in the same prognosis with the Dresden Police Department that in the event that the meeting is held, a significantly higher number of participants than the originally planned 4000 participants would have to be expected,” it said. The experience of the past demonstrations showed that the “lateral thinkers” neither kept distance requirements nor observed the mask requirement.

Official requirements or police requests would therefore be completely ignored, it said. In order to prevent a superspreader event with serious consequences for many people, including those not involved, the ban on gathering for the planned event is the only option.

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City of Dresden sees “considerable health risk for the population” from “lateral thinkers” demo

“There is no more lenient means,” the city administration justifies the ban, like them “Dresden Latest News” to report. In its most recent decision of December 5, 2020, the Federal Constitutional Court confirmed that “it would not be appropriate to impose a protection and hygiene concept on the organizer if compliance with it is ultimately not to be expected.”

In addition to the prohibition, the city has also issued another general decree that prohibits all such gatherings for this Saturday that have not been reported to the assembly authority of the state capital Dresden by December 9, 2020, midnight. It is about “countering possible attempts from the lateral thinker scene to circumvent the ban through spontaneous gatherings, as these can also pose a considerable health risk to the population.”

Frankfurt: demonstration endangers the basic right to physical integrity

In Frankfurt, rallies were planned for the approximately 40,000 expected participants at twelve different locations in the inner city area, each of which should be controlled by different nationwide “lateral thinkers” initiatives, as the city announced on Tuesday evening. Following these stationary gatherings, all rally participants should walk a distance of 6.2 kilometers through downtown Frankfurt in order to return to their previous meeting place and let the event end there.

The city justified the meeting with a demonstration lift planned by the organization “Querought69-Frankfurt”, which directly endangers public safety, namely the basic right to life, physical integrity and health (Article 2 GG). A gathering of this magnitude on the Saturday before the third Advent, when the city center is already filled with numerous Christmas shoppers, inevitably leads to a mix of demonstrators and passers-by. Given the high incidence figures in Frankfurt am Main, this is not justifiable.

According to information from the city, “Querhaben69-Frankfurt” is an organization that rejects the measures currently being taken to protect against the virus and either trivializes or denies the effects of the infection. Even at previous demonstrations by the “lateral thinker” organization with far fewer participants, massive violations of the requirements of the Corona Contact and Company Restriction Ordinance had occurred. Most recently, the police in Frankfurt had to dissolve a “lateral thinkers” meeting on November 14th because of continued violations of the regulations. In this respect, it is to be expected at the registered meeting “with a probability bordering on certainty” that any protection and hygiene concepts and requirements would not be observed.

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