Reconciliation was not successful! The ex-boyfriend ran 4 shots at the student in the 5th grade, the body collapsed before the grandmother

Reconciliation is not successful! The ex-boyfriend ran 4 shots at the student in the 5th grade, the body collapsed in front of the grandmother. I was shocked to see my sister cry and accidentally shoot. Pointed out just wanting to ask why they broke up.

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On January 14, Police Lieutenant Colonel Lapkampaphan, Police Dept. (Investigation), Sawi Police Station, Chumphon Province received a notification of the death of the shot in the house, No. 18/3 Moo 3, Tambon Pak Prak Amphoe Sawee, after being notified, was accompanied by Col. Udon Kaew Suksri, Ph.D. Sor Phor Sor Sawee, investigative officer Doctor Sawee Hospital And the Chumphon Rescue Charity Unit at Sawee Charity

The scene was a one-story cement house. On the road Pak Phraek – Ban Nong Phrom. Inside the parking garage, one body of the deceased was found. Ms. Natthaporn Bunyoo or “Nong Ai” was 17 years old, a student in Grade 5, a secondary school in Sawi District. Lying on his back died Was shot with a 380-size artificial firearm into the right ear, 1 shot above the left chest, 2 right arm, 4 shots total

Near each other, a total of five shells were found in the scene where the parents were in grief. While the grandmother sat and swayed as if the heart was broken

Grandma Nong Ai told her in tears that before the incident, her granddaughter was taking her younger sister’s homework to her working mother. For the mother to take it to the teacher at school again While the grandchild walks to the motorcycle Grandchildren’s ex boyfriend Which my grandchild said that they had broken up for a while Come to stand to reconcile.

He sits in front of the house sewing. Saw his granddaughter cry, pretending to run away to the house But the ex-boyfriend was intercepted Then, hearing 2 shots of gunshots, the grandchild fell immediately. As he got up and ran away Because otherwise it would have been shot as well

Investigators later found that The perpetrator was Mr. Anantapong Prompruek or “Je”, 22 years old, before the accident had driven a motorcycle and left it in a palm plantation, 100 meters from the house, to ambush and wait for Nong Ai. When the sister is embarrassed to leave the house to do business Therefore came out to trap and ask for reconciliation Until the scene of shooting the embarrassed brother died

In addition, the official added that Mr. Jay had previously threatened to kill Brother Ai once. After the shooting of Nong Ai, Mr. Jay sent a message through Chat to the deceased relative, stating that the reason for the shooting was shocked that Nong Ai had cried for And is coming to hand over to the police The story that happened just wanted to clear that Why did you break up? But the way Nong is embarrassed and refuses to reconcile

Lt. Col. Thiradej, Deputy Director of Police Sawi, has detained Mr. Je at the Sawi Police Station.

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