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Tennis “Superman” Novak Djokovic did not manage the US Open finals even emotionally and reminded his fans that he is an ordinary mortal by a smooth loss to the Russian Daniil Medvedev.


13.09.2021 19:17

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Novak Djokovic cries after losing in the US Open final.

It cost him a calendar Grand Slam and at the same time won the 21st title from the “big four”, which allowed him to disengage from the pair of tennis geniuses Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

Already at the end of the match The 34-year-old Belgrade had tears in his eyes with a great-playing Russian, and later cried at a press conference with Serbian journalists.

That’s when they reminded him if he was already looking forward to the children. The older Stefan will soon be seven years old and the younger Tara four.

Daniil Medvedev with the trophy from the US Open.

Daniil Medvedev with the winning trophy.

“I feel relieved or rather tired of it all. The pressure and expectations before the US Open were huge.

No matter how hard I tried and managed to stay focused and focused on the next and ever next step, the whole process was very exhausting.

I feel disappointed and sad because I missed a great opportunity, “said Novak Djokovic, quoting him Serbian daily Blic on your site.

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Djokovic tried to be diplomatic over the matter after one of the most difficult losses in his career / 3 × 4: 6 /, but he did not succeed.

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“Thank you to everyone who supported me, I have never experienced such a nice atmosphere in New York before. The end has not worked out for me, but not everything in life is ideal. I must be proud of what I have achieved this year.

That winning journey is breathtaking with all its stops and that’s something no one will take from me. Then came the New York finals and obviously a better player than me.

I was still half a step behind my opponent. I don’t want to be pathetic and complain because I have something to be grateful for.

I mix regret and sadness, but also gratitude and pride. It would be incorrect if I just complained at the moment, “admitted the boyfriend of the Slovak coach Marián Vajda, who was with” Nole “in New York.

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When asked what his immediate plans and reminders are, whether he is already looking forward to the children, the great champion shed a tear.

“To tell you the truth, I have no tennis plan, absolutely nothing. I don’t know if I will play anywhere else in the near future.

Now I still think real in New York. However, I try to look at life as a whole, not just through tennis.

I am also a husband and a father and these are completely different priorities. I would like to be more with the children. I promised them that because we miss each other, “added Djokovic on the website

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Putin congratulated Medvedev

Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated Medvedev on winning the US Open title. He described his final victory over Serb Novak Djokovic as “brilliant”.

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Medvedev ended the 16-year-old Russian wait for the grand slam champion in the men’s single. So far, the last Russian winner was Marat Safin, who triumphed at the 2005 Australian Open in Melbourne.

“On the way to the finals of the prestigious tournament, you showed great skill and perseverance. In the decisive match, you gave a confident, compact performance and strength. You didn’t give your opponent a chance. This is how real champions play, “said Putin.



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