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Ho Van Lang died. The “real life Tarzan” is gone at 52 after surviving the “civilized” world for only eight years. The man was found with his father, Ho Van Thanh, in 2013 in the forest of Vietnam. Here he had spent his 40 years. The couple effectively led a more than wild existence. The two built tree houses, dressed in loincloths made of tree bark and they hunted mice and rodents to feed themselves.


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For forty long years Ho and her father had no contact with the outside, with human beings. Theirs was a difficult choice. Ho (at the time only two years old) and the father (soldier in the Vietnamese army), after an American bomb killed his wife and other children, they fled from their little village.

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Thanh probably had a profound fear of returning to civilization for years, believing that the war in Vietnam was not yet over. To discover I have a group of people living in a small village close to the forest. A story that has the absurdity of Ho Van Lang, who died last September 6 due to liver cancer.



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