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showbizSarah van Soelen (25), the girlfriend of André Hazes (27), is currently receiving training in Spain so that she can better deal with all the media attention that her new relationship entails. That is what her family tells in the Dutch program Shownieuws. In addition, the couple also learns about the gossip that is continuously spread about them.

“Sarah is in Spain to come to her senses,” says Van Soelen’s family. “They teach her how to manage all the hustle and bustle, where to set her priorities and how to ignore negative messages, for example.”

They refer to all the gossip that has been spread about the couple lately. For example, the Dutch presenter Yvonne Coldeweijer (34) shared that she had heard that Hazes’ lover was in rehab in Spain. The gossip too much according to the schlager singer. “That girl has been clean for a year and a half and that has been a very difficult time for her,” he responds on Instagram. “You are really going too far with this. I kindly ask you to take this off and for once in your life use your common sense.”

Sarah also responds to the gossip on Instagram: “Now the jokes are ready for me. This has nothing to do with gossip anymore, this is just as I call it, bullying! But what do you think this does to people? What was bullying like for you in elementary school? I wonder. People be positive! This has to stop!”

André Hazes reacted strongly to some gossip on Instagram. © Instagram

Sarah van Soelen also responded to the gossip on Instagram.

Sarah van Soelen also responded to the gossip on Instagram. © Instagram

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