“Dislike” Petra from the Wedding: René is a pig, I didn’t want to get married! So why did she go to the show?

Viewers have so far had the opportunity in a reality show Wedding at a glance meet three married couples. So far, it works best for the nice chef Pavel with the tattooed dragon Štěpánka. They’re both big extroverts, and they obviously understand each other well.

With an overview, the greatest criticism from fans on social networks is captured by the beautiful Natálka, who forms a married couple with the elegant František. He is kind to his much younger bride, but a sex bomb from Ukraine is always bothered by something.

“Franta even asked me what to do, but I don’t know myself.” confided to Natália Mykytenko, who also told František in the last part that she wanted to vomit when she thought that a spark would jump between her and the groom.

So far, the twenty-four-year-old bride Petra, who was assigned by fitness trainer and adrenaline lover René, does not think much of the audience. With her indecision, many get on their nerves even more than the aforementioned Natálka.

“This dress is too lace, this too fancy. I don’t want these, they are too simple again … “ Petra complained as she chose her wedding dress.

Petra didn’t even want a married kiss.

Something much worse came during the ceremony. Sympathetic René demanded a wedding kiss. But Petra told him with a disgusted expression that she only wanted a kiss on the cheek.

After the ceremony, the kindergarten teacher completely collapsed and fell into minor depression.

“Something about him just bothers me. I don’t know what it is, but I’m just not happy. “ Peter commented on her husband René, whom she then called a pig because he poured soup on her.

After the ceremony, Petra collapsed.

After the ceremony, Petra collapsed.

She never wanted to get married, so why did she go to the show?

On her Instagram, Petra presents herself as a funny girl who loves people. She likes sports, she goes to cheer on football and hockey.

Petra likes to go to football.

Petra likes to go to football.

The mystery is why she joined the Wedding at first glance, when in one of her posts she claims that she never wanted to get married.

“That’s her, my love, thanks to her I gained the courage to go into the experiment even though I never wanted a wedding,” wrote Petra and shared the picture with her beloved niece Vanessa.



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