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Drama and Conflict Unfold at Raymond and Bianca’s House: The Battle for Collaboration

Unsuspectingly, Bastiaan and Melissa walk into Raymond and Bianca’s house, where the atmosphere is quite cold. Raymond tells it like it is: “Very honest, I’m completely done with it.”

In recent weeks they have had several run-ins with Matthew and Sabrina. In his eyes, they choose for themselves instead of for the group. “I haven’t experienced something so childish in a long time, like now with these kind of people. I say this kind because it really makes me want to puke.”

Melissa and Raymond are joint treasurers of the group, a task that, according to Raymond, is made virtually impossible by Matthew, among others. “Money is withdrawn without submitting a receipt and no one comes to the budget meetings.”

The last collisions are the final straw for him. “I’m not going to burn my hands with this anymore, I’m completely done with it.” In addition to the bickering, Matthew says he doesn’t care about what others think of his choices. “He simply removed the boiler and now also let two pipes come straight through the ceiling. This is simply not possible.”

Melissa is concerned about whether collaboration is still possible. “You can’t say you’re going to stop, you know. There are eight of us in this.” Raymond is not interested in further collaboration with Matthew and Bianca. “Fuck off hear. They want war, I’m going to keep my distance.”

A decision that has a major impact on the further course of the project. Raymond and Bianca are responsible for installing a kitchen in the shared house. Bianca has a possible solution. “If they are not in the building, we may be able to work on the kitchen. But in order to keep the peace, we do not think it would be wise to continue working with them.”

You will see how this turns out in the coming weeks The Spanish Village: Zarra, every Monday evening at 8:30 PM on RTL 4. You can watch it again at Videoland.

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