Deputy Prosecutor’s spokesman to sue to increase sentence of “Denkook” kicked neck, dragging woman to rape before Ubon Ratchathani District Court

Deputy Prosecutor’s spokesman ordered the Provincial Procuratorate to file a lawsuit to increase the sentence. “Denkook” kicked her neck, dragging the woman to rape her in front of the Ubon District Court. create safety for the public

Today (November 28) Mr. Kosolwat Intuchanyong Deputy Spokesman of Attorney General’s Office He posted on Facebook in case it appears that the villain kicked the throat and dragged the woman to rape her in the city center of Ubon Ratchathani The outrageous behavior does not fear the law. They must sue the court to proceed. The prosecutor will describe the charge. to ancient history How many times have you been in prison? Released from prison for committing this crime again Outrageous attack and rape of women in the middle of Ubon Ratchathani According to the law, there are reasons to increase the sentence more sentence.

spokesman for the Attorney General’s Office Called to coordinate Siriporn Sangwon, Ubon Ratchathani attorney. Ask to check the history of the criminal. Conference to sue, demanding severe punishment due to impolite behavior Dare to commit a crime in a public place in the city center, where the public should be safer, making people insecure about their own safety even living in the city center.

As of the news of November 28, 2022, in the case of bad guys by nature, they have been to prison 4 times and continue to commit crimes. CCTV footage captured the culprit attacking an 18-year-old girl by kicking him in the neck until he passed out. at the entrance of Thung Si Mueang In front of the Ubon Ratchathani Subdistrict Court, Mueang District, Ubon Ratchathani Province before dragging on the harassment According to the news presented earlier

“Found another victim. “Den Cook” kicked the girl’s throat and dragged her to rape her Victim found recently The other case is a Tai Yai woman who was intoxicated with alcohol, imprisoned in a rented room, and harassed throughout the day. Telling a nasty story by nature, you’ve been in jail for 4 shifts and in the last month you’ve committed 6 felonies in just one month.
It is the prosecutor’s duty to find a way to severely punish according to the criminal’s behavior and various measures. according to the next law

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