Argentina’s problem is called “Christina de Kirchner”

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Argentina’s problem is called “Christina de Kirchner”, today, Sunday, October 18, 2020 01:10 in the morning

The “Merco Press” website said that Argentina’s economic problem is a political one named Vice President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

According to an editorial of the site, Argentina is suffering from an economic and health crisis due to the outbreak of the Corona virus.

The site noted that this is the reason for the presence of many critics of the administration of the government of President Alberto Fernandez, explaining that the most vocal of them are the former president and current vice president, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

Indeed, prominent Argentine columnist Joaquín Morales Sola attributes much of the crisis to her.

He explained that the newspaper “La Nation” said this openly, asking: Is Miguel Pesci, head of the central bank, responsible for the exchange rate disaster, or is Martin Guzman, who is responsible for only part of the economy, responsible? To answer, the problem with the economy is Christina Kirchner.

And the site went on by saying: Although the economic team is politically burdened, it would be unfair to assign responsibilities to them that belong to others. As the economy suffers from a political problem, namely a lack of business and social confidence, it is the responsibility of political leaders to ensure that Argentina now explores the very same threshold of collapse.

He continued: The main conflict can be summed up in one idea, which is that Christina Kirchner cannot be the political head of a country suffering from an economic crisis.

He added: The main problem is Kirchner, especially since she writes inflammatory tweets about legal security and also commits acts to that effect. The choice is not between economics or health, but between an economic solution or Christina’s political power.

According to the site, Morales Sola wonders: Is Cristina also ready to destroy the party with the IMF for the benefit of the president? If so, what would the Vice President want? No one disputes its position or the constitutional duties it should perform. But none of that has anything to do with government or the economy.

Morales notes that the quarantine has stopped time everywhere, except for Cristina’s lands. Stone never delayed any of her projects, revenge, or interests. The problem of the economy is political, and she has the name of a vice president.

He concluded by saying: Before colliding with the wall, the president must decide whether to make a major shift in his administration. Politics, economics, and social patience is very close to exhaustion.

The International Monetary Fund announced last week its intention to return to Argentina this week to start talks on the new financing program, after talks between the two sides on the previous financing program, which was worth 56 billion dollars, failed.

The Bloomberg News Agency indicated that negotiations will start after the IMF team headed by Julie Kutsak and Luis Kobedo visited the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires, from 6 to 11 October, to consult with government officials. The IMF envoys met with many Argentine officials, including Economy Minister Martin Guzman, Central Bank Governor Miguel Pace, members of parliament, and representatives of the private sector, labor unions and civil society, according to the fund’s statement.


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