1350 kg of waste was collected from the river in three days; Concluded with the Chaliyar River Pad

1350 kg of waste was collected from the river in three days; Concluded with the Chaliyar River Pad

Kozhikode – Asia’s second long distance kayaking trip concluded with Chaliyar River Paddling. In addition to India, around 100 people from Russia, Australia, Singapore, Germany and Great Britain participated in the three-day long-distance kayaking awareness trip.

This is the 8th edition of long distance kayaking awareness trip to protect Chaliyar and promote aquatic adventure. The trip was organized by Jellyfish Water Sports Club in Kozhikode. The event was organized in cooperation with Kerala Tourism Department, Decathlon, Yolo, Kozhikode Paragon Restaurant and Kerala Energy Management Centre.

Out of 100 participants, eight were women. Thirteen-year-old Shezrin Iqbal from Cheruvannur in Kozhikode and Ovinair Shafi from Mumbai are the youngest of the group. The oldest person is 80-year-old Karl Dumschen, originally from Germany.

The group covered 68km through Chaliyar. The trip was in various types of kayaks, stand up paddles and canoes. The trip was led by the famous Russian kayaker Anton Seshnnikov. Indian sailing star and Asian Games medalist Shweta Scherwegar also participated in the Chaliyar River Paddle.

In three days, the team collected 1350 kg of rubbish from the Chaliyar River. Kozhikode Kotthodika, founder of Jellyfish Water Sports, said this waste will be sorted and sent for recycling in cooperation with Kozhikode’s Green Worms.

The amount of waste collected from the river has convinced local people, children and public representatives. River conservation awareness classes were also organized for students of various schools in the neighboring areas of Chaliyar. Apart from this, various types of water sports have also been introduced to the locals and children.

Chaliyar River Paddle, India’s first long-distance kayaking trip, started on Friday from Nilambur. The trip concluded on Sunday afternoon at Jellyfish Water Sports Club, Cheruvannur.

A five-member team from Beypur Coast Guard also joined the kayaking team at Urkadav. District Collector Dr. N. Tej Lohit Reddy was also present.

Russian kayaker Anton Seshnnikov, Indian sailing star Shweta Scherwegar, Jellyfish Water Sports founder Kaushik Kotithodika, managing director Rinsi Iqbal and general manager Subi Bose spoke at the closing session held at the Jellyfish Water Sports Club.

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