Dara Rolins and Nedvěd just shine: In the streets of Turin they give…

Singer Dara Rolins has been happy with footballer Pavel Nedvěd for several months now. Even though they both live in other countries, they try to spend every free time together and show that even a long-distance relationship can work for granted. This time Dara went to Turin for her love, to enjoy beautiful moments together again. And she even gave up social networks for a while.

After several unsuccessful relationships, Dara Rolins has been in love again for some time now. He has been shining since dating football player Pavel Nedvěd and it is clear at first sight that he is experiencing moments of great happiness. This is despite the fact that she cannot spend as much time with her partner as she would like. They live quite far from each other. While Dara lives mainly in Prague, her sweetheart settled in Turin, Italy. But not even the distance has the power to destroy their love. The partners use every free moment to spend time together.

Sample love

At first, Dara Rolins was mistaken about her relationship, as soon as she admitted to her fans on the social network that she had peeked into Pavel Nedvěd, she had no problem sharing their joint pictures from time to time and showing off her love for everyone. Dara went to Turin to see Nedvěd a few days ago and paused for a while. Her admirers must have wondered what could have happened that the singer did not call them on her Instagram for a long time. Fortunately, nothing happened at all. Dara just wanted to fully enjoy the moments spent with her love.

“I’m fine, I’m in Turin with my boyfriend. I’m not so active on Instagram, because after a long time, I’m finally enjoying my private life. I have such a break, “the singer explained for TN.cz their inactivity.

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She came to support her partner

Paul’s visit to Turin certainly came in handy, perhaps for more reasons than ever. The Juventus football club, in which Nedvěd acts as vice president, is going through a difficult period, as it has failed to succeed in the domestic competition. Support and kind words Gifts are now certainly what a footballer will appreciate.

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