Danna Paola wears patterned mom jeans to celebrate her musical success

Danna Paola is a source of inspiration outfits that deviate from the norm of the ‘common’. And if something distinguishes it, it is the domain it exercises over the outfit proposals with which he embraces, and proposes, trends that sneak into the closet of the fashion experts. Now, with his most recent election, he is targeting the mom jeans that have obsessed celebrities, models, content creators and figures of the street style.

A year after the release of her album KO, the mexican singer, Danna Paola, shared on his profile Instagram a photograph with which he celebrates the anniversary of said musical success. The joy that fills his face is undeniable and, on the other hand, there is evidence of a outfit who has marked the trends of the last few months: mom jeans that come out of the conventional, to match the stilettos of PVC that have been dominating the proposals of the firms and latest catwalks that dictate the 2022 trends.

Danna Paola wears printed mom jeans to celebrate the anniversary of her album KO

The mom jeans they have become favorites for different reasons. First, the baggy silhouette that goes from its high rise to above the ankles, allowing it to be adjusted at the waist, makes it the most convenient option when it comes to comfort. Second, they are jeans fit for short women and also for the tallest ones, since they adapt to the type of body in relation to the top that is chosen. Plus, they have the power to exude a halo of sophistication, effortlessly!

That is why the mom jeans from Danna Paola become the option style favorite for this 2022. Since they have a unique addition, the game of colored patches and prints that line up at Y2K trends. The return of silhouettes, brightness and glitter that suddenly flood our feeds in social networks, since last year, thanks to characters like Bella Hadid and Dua Lipa. So, thanks to the singer, We can also see that this trend will remain the 2022 inspiration. And more when it comes to celebrating a year of success, as in the case of the interpreter of Cachito.


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