Copy one of Meghan Markle’s most iconic looks with this satin skirt from Parfois

Everything you do Meghan Markle It becomes news and, although it seems that this is even more evident since she gave her interview to Oprah in the company of her husband, Prince Harry, the truth is that it has been happening since the couple announced their engagement. Since we met Meghan, and especially after the confirmation of the engagement, her figure and style has caused fascination.

At first because she was little known, only the followers of ‘Suits’ and some other productions in which she had worked, knew who she was. However, his style and sympathy quickly managed dazzle the public, eager to see her again to immediately exhaust the clothes she chose to wear.

Meghan Merkle and her husband in a file image. (Reuters)

Some of her looks have been become memorable and we are sure that they will be remembered for many years, like the Armani that he wore during the aforementioned interview, a dress in dark color and with flowers in a name, which many voices affirmed that it had a great resemblance to one worn by Wallis Simpson, the woman for whom Edward VIII renounced the British throne.

Beyond these styles loaded with symbolism, Meghan has also shown us that she is capable of achieving ideal looks that we can all wear, if we find the right clothes. Suitable outfits for look at the office or that we can wear to meet friends, because we can wear in a more casual way.

Harry and Meghan during the visit in which the Duchess wore a satin skirt. (Reuters)

So it was clear when he chose a burgundy satin skirt which he combined with a jersey of similar tonality for his first appearance of 2020, a set that played a trick on him. A garment of long sleeves and high neck It was too warm for the occasion and that caused Meghan to perspire more than expected, being evident in her sweater.

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This small setback, common in all people, did not make her look less admired. Little could happen that overshadow the elegance that he achieved despite combining two simple garments, without more artifice and ornaments than the selected color and the fabric with which they were made.

Satin skirt from Parfois. (Courtesy)

For this reason, we could not help but remember Meghan and her brilliant choice when we saw this satin tile-colored Parfois skirt, which we can undoubtedly wear in the same way that Markle chose, or adapting it to our personal style, trying to prevent the same from happening to her.

Perfect for spring months, We have no doubt that this midi-length skirt with an elastic waist is going to be the star garment of our wardrobe also in the summer months, we are already planning to combine its satin fabric with a cotton shirt or even a t-shirt, if we want to take it in a more informal way.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in London. (EFE)

The ex-actress wore it with some lounges, common footwear among royals, but we can boast of the same style if we choose simple ankle boots or sandals, if we want to wear it when it is hot. Sports shoes are also a great choice for a more casual look.

We are clear that there are garments that are always adequate, and a skirt with a satin finish and in this tone, it can save us from many troubles, especially if we are not sure what to wear. Parfois offers us this garment for 30 euros And, if you don’t know how to combine it, do like Meghan and choose simplicity.

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