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Curry Leaves: The Natural Cure for Diabetes Revealed in Recent Studies

The curry tree is native to the Indian Gulf, and it is a tropical/sub-tropical tree. It is widely known for its ability to add flavors to dishes, and is used primarily in South Indian cuisine and international cuisines as well. Curry, whose botanical name is Murraya koenigii, is originally from the Rutaceae family. Curry leaves are also used as a medicinal alternative due to their medicinal properties.

Recent studies have revealed that consuming curry leaves helps control the severity of diabetes. How do curry leaves help control diabetes?

Curry leaves contain essential minerals like iron, copper and zinc/zinc that help in maintaining normal blood glucose levels.

With recent studies indicating the effectiveness of curry in controlling diabetes, it can be said that this suggestion can be a natural outlet for people with diabetes.

Curry leaves control diabetes by regulating the breakdown of carbohydrates. When consuming curry leaves, the liver and kidneys function normally, and this facilitates the work of breaking down carbohydrates. Curry leaves are also known for their ability to reduce the stress on pancreatic cells due to free radicals, which cause cell damage and death. While pancreatic cells play a major role in insulin production and are therefore linked to diabetes.

Obesity is known to be a major factor in raising blood sugar levels. Regular consumption of curry leaves is known for its ability to lose weight, which leads to better control of blood sugar levels.

How do we include curry leaves in a diabetic’s diet?

Curry leaves can be included in daily meals, by roasting the leaves and adding them to regular meals. Curry leaves can also be chewed to benefit from their properties.

To fight diabetes, 6 to 8 leaves should be consumed every day, first thing in the morning. You can also consume curry to prevent diabetes if it runs in the family. Chew 10 leaves in the morning to avoid developing diabetes.

If obesity is the reason for developing diabetes, chew 6 to 8 leaves to help lose weight. Of course, curry leaves are not so appetizing on their own as to satisfy the taste buds.

If you are not very comfortable chewing it, you can add it to churned milk or you can add a few leaves in lime juice to soften that sour flavour.

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