Cuccarini at «Verissimo» attacks Matano: he stabbed me in the back

A Lorella Cuccarini who lets herself go and thunders against Alberto Matano: In front of me he was the best friend, behind the scenes a plan was consummated that went in another direction. Not him the one stabbed. This is the phrase, perhaps the strongest, pronounced by the presenter during the interview with Silvia Toffanin during the episode of Verissimo that will be broadcast on Saturday afternoon on Canale 5.

That letter against Matano

Lorella Cuccarini and Alberto Matano conducted the past edition of La vita in direct together and initially things seemed to be going well. Then something must have broken (we never understood what really happened) and the complicity ended. On the last day of programming, June 26, Lorella sent a letter to the colleagues of the editorial staff of La Vita in Diretta, in which she gave free rein to all her resentment towards the journalist (actually never mentioned openly) defined as male chauvinist, liar and prevaricator. A final episode then aired in the most absolute frost. And this year the afternoon rotogravure of the RAI flagship resumed with the conduct of the journalist alone (former Tg1). And now Cuccarini wanted to return to the subject to tell his version of events.

I told Matano what I think of him

it was said that I stabbed a colleague in the back, this is not true – he said -. If there was a stab another person took it. The voices want to tell you as you are not. After thirty-five years, I don’t think I have to prove anything. I have always been a free woman and my professional life has shown it. As for the letter to the editors, he said: It was not addressed to the press or the public. I just wanted to clarify my position with my co-workers. It wasn’t an impulse release because I was taken out of the program. When I write because there are valid reasons, I weigh every word. Everything you have read, I told the person concerned looking him in the eye. I don’t lack the courage to say what I think. There was no frontal attack that wasn’t already clear to whom it was supposed to know.

A fake best friend

To those who accuse her of having done it only at the last minute, Cuccarini replies: I said it at the last moment because there were signs that made me understand that things were changing. Instead, I realized that while in front of me was a person making the best friend, behind the scenes a plan was being consummated that went in another direction. It was fair to clarify with the people I was working with.

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