Mexican Stock Exchange suspends operations


Mexico City / 09.10.2020 12:31:47


The Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) suspended its operations part-time, without offering details of the decision.

At the time of the cessation of business, the benchmark S & P / BMV IPC index, which groups the most liquid stocks in the market, advanced 0.19 percent to 38,478.58 points.

“According to its internal regulations has suspended the auction session, we will inform its resumption “, said the institution through its Twitter account.

Reasons why the stock market suspends operations

According to Internal Regulations and Operating Manual on preventive measures of BMW, it can suspend operations, even when opening and as many times as necessary, when they occur causes of force majeure, or, by some unusual movement in the stock market.

You can also perform this action for as long as necessary in the event that it occurs a downward variation in the main Capital Market Indicator.

Faced with these scenarios, the exchange must be subject at all times to the rules and procedures established in the manual, in addition to informing the general public and operators of said suspension.

The stock market will lift the suspension when the fortuitous event or force majeure that motivated it has been overcome, in accordance with the established rules.

It is noteworthy that during the duration of the suspension, bids may be canceled as long as they are not pre-assigned to the closing price, average of the day and auction.

In their first operations the BMV lowered after the benchmark local stock index, the S & P / BMV IPC, lost 0.3 percent to 38,288.77 points; however, it was on track to close its best week since June.



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