Covid-19, the bulletin of October 18: the numbers of the epidemic

The Ministry of Health, today, Sunday 18 October, has communicated the data of the Covid-19 epidemic in Italy via bulletin.

(Ministry of Health)

The numbers relating to the epidemic from Covid-19, spread in our country. According to the health table of the Ministry of Health, the cases of contagion have risen to 414.241 with an increase of 11.705 cases compared to yesterday. The subjects are still increasing currently positive which to date amount to 126.237 (+9.302), as well as hospitalizations in intensive care (+45), 750 in total. The number of healed since the beginning of the emergency has come to 251.461 with an increase of 2.334 unit. In the last 24 hours, they registered 69 deaths which bring the total budget to 36.543.

Coronavirus, bulletin: the numbers of Covid-19 in Italy on Saturday 17 October

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Yesterday, they were disseminated through the health table by the Ministry of Health. According to the data communicated, the number of people resulted positive to the virus since the beginning of the emergency had risen to 402.536 . The subjects increased currently positive which yesterday amounted to 116.935 . The admissions in intensive care that mattered 705 patients. The number of healed had come to 249.127. Unfortunately, the budget of the deaths for a total of 36,474 victims.

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Coronavirus, bulletin: the numbers of Covid-19 in Italy on Friday 16 October

The Ministry of Health on Friday it announced the numbers on the epidemic from Covid-19 in Italy. The number of overall infections had risen to 391.611. Of these 107.312 were the currently positive. The number of patients in intensive care instead it was equal to 638, while that of healed had risen to 247.072. Finally, in the bulletin, it was found that i deaths they had increased, bringing the budget to 36.427.

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Covid-19, Cts: “We need strict control action on current legislation”

That the management of the transport sector was not working in the right way anti-contagion rules is there for all to see. Compared to what should have been the percentages of capacity and quota entrances, the current situation brings out not a few critical issues. A circumstance that has been examined by the Scientific Technical Committee, who criticized the organization that the public transport in general it is taking place at this juncture. A failure to adapt to the prevention needs required by the warning launched by the CTS experts, who are now asking for more caution on the subject to local administrations.

According to what was reported by the editors of TgCom24, the Committee would have found a not insignificant “criticality represented by local public transport which seems not to have adapted to the new needs dictated by the moment“. This, despite since April a need for reorganization was revealed which required the adjustment of mobility through the involvement of local institutions and so-called mobility manager.

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Budget Law, 40 billion in the Maneuver to deal with the emergency

A maneuver from 40 billion euros that approved in the night from Government with the formula “unless otherwise agreed“. The Council of Ministers examined the Budget planning document (Dpb) and launched the Budget Law. A plan that, of course, will need a few more days for its full articulation before being finalized.

Inside the Maneuver 2021 Measures have been envisaged which aim, once again, to limit the damage, suffered and future, to the economy caused by the Covid-19 epidemic. Measures aimed at supporting work and health and at the same time facilitating the recovery phase.

Specifically, within the Budget Law the extension of the redundancy fund was arranged as well as the blocking of layoffs for those who decide to use it. To this is added a deduction in favor of the South for over 5.5 billion of euro and always for it a tax credit to make investments of 1 billion.

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Masks, the use that criminals make of them: unbelievable to believe

In a situation, already delicate in itself, the criticalities that are adding up are innumerable. Now that of the risk of escape of criminals andconcealment of road within the masks. To sound the alarmInterpol which, reports the drafting of The Republic, announced that criminals would use the ferretto masks to get rid of handcuffs. Not only that, the device would also be used to hide narcotic substances.

Gives Brussels news has come of the dramatic phenomenon, which has seen the occurrence of dozens of cases. In fact, there have been numerous episodes in recent months. The stop sections would use a flaw in the construction of some types of irons which would have a small slot from which it is possible to stress a spring. This operation would ensure openness.

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