Coronavirus, in Italy 11,705 new cases in one day and 69 deaths | Director of Ats Milano: “Situation in Lombardy is critical”

18 October 2020 17:41

Lombardy is the region with the most infections (2,975) and with hospitalizations above 1,000, followed by Campania (1,376). There were 146 thousand swabs, down by about 20 thousand compared to Saturday

THE MAP AND INTERACTIVE GRAPHS> The situation of infections in Italy

There is an increase in the number of people admitted to therapy for a total of 750. There are 126,237 (+9,302) currently positive, while 251,461 is the figure of those recovered (+2,334).

Intensive care is increasing in Lombardy All the data of the pandemic in Lombardy are still growing: there are 2,975 new cases with 30,981 swabs for a percentage equal to 9.6%., While on Saturday there were 2,664 new positives with 29,053 swabs (9.1%). Intensive care admissions rose (+14, 110 in total) and with another 122 beds occupied, admissions in non-intensive care wards exceed one thousand and rise to 1,065. There are 21 deaths (yesterday 13) for a total of 17,078 people who have died in the region since the beginning of the pandemic.

Cases continue to rise in Milan, where 1,463 new positives are recorded and the data from the provinces of Varese (354), Monza and Brianza (353) and Pavia (132) are also growing.

Director of Ats Milano: situation in Lombardy is critical “Intensive care admissions are increasing and positive cases are also constantly growing. The situation is critical in Lombardy, but in particular in Milan and in the metropolitan city. The help of all citizens is needed to stop the virus race”. Walter Bergamaschi, general manager of the Milan Ats, says so.

Campania: positive growth slows down The increase in infections in Campania slows down. According to the latest bulletin of the Crisis Unit, out of 14,256 swabs (yesterday 14,704) 1,376 positives (1,321 asymptomatic, 55 symptomatic) were recorded compared to the previous 1,410. There are two deaths while the healed are 199. The total of positives is 25,819 units while the total of swabs is 766,187. The Covid bed report on a regional basis indicates 78 intensive care beds out of a total of 113. The total hospital beds are 904, of which 849 are occupied.


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