Couples Engineering Robbery for Infidelity Unnoticed


The motorbike is taken away having an affair so Ida (43), a resident of Palembang, South Sumatra (South Sumatra), made up stories. Starting from him who had an illicit relationship with Kodir (35). The man then took Ida’s motorbike away when they were dating.

Ida, who was afraid to go home without a vehicle, then confessed to her husband being robbed. Even to be sure, Ida was desperate to make a police report.

“The motorbike was taken by him (Kodir), he is a close friend of mine. I was afraid that my husband would find out that I had an illegal relationship with him, so I made a report that the motorbike was lost because it was robbed,” said Ida at the South Sumatra Police, Palembang, South Sumatra, Monday (20/9/2021).

“To the South Sumatran Police, I apologize for my false report. To my family, I also apologize, especially my husband and children,” continued Ida.

Ida’s robbery plot was uncovered when the police arrested Kodir. From the Kodir statement, the police got the facts that the perpetrator and Ida were a couple.

“The motorbike that I ran was planned for me to use myself. I only ran the motorbike with the excuse of wanting to buy him fruits with a fan, not to rob,” explained Kodir.

With the revelation of Ida’s drama, the Head of Sub-Directorate of Jatanras Ditreskrimum of the South Sumatra Police Commissioner Christopher Panjaitan confirmed that Ida had no robbery incident. What happened to Ida, continued Christopher, tended to be criminal acts of dark deceit.



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