Countries in the World Are Starting to Make Corona Vaccines Priorities, Who Is Injected First?

Illustration: one of the potential Covid-19 vaccines that will be tested on humans at a clinic in London, England. (Source: AP Photo)

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – Vaccine Corona virus (Covid-19) is almost available. This is after two development pharmaceutical companies corona vaccine, Moderna and Pfizer, announced their level of effectiveness vaccine they are about 95 percent.

This result certainly makes the new hope to end the corona virus pandemic even stronger. So who is the first party to get the injection vaccine first?

The reason is, vaccine available in this initial phase is limited, which is about millions of doses. Meanwhile, the Earth’s population reaches billions of people.

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Priority List of Vaccine Recipients

Quoting, Ministries of Health around the world have just started making a priority list of vaccine recipients. This step is called more difficult than imagined.

Each country needs to determine how to balance between saving the lives of vulnerable people or stopping the spread of the virus among workers in key sectors.


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